What is most green you have ever grew? OR saw?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I was just wandering for the sake of wandering, what is the most green you have ever grown. Not over 5 harvests, but just one. Of course it can be more than one plant, but just one harvest- however many plants it may be. How many plants did you have to make the quantity you did. I got this question by looking at the photo Album. In there is a pic of a older white man with TASH BAGS full of weed. He is one of the first photos under the contest. Lol, that made me think of this question. If you can see that photo, how many pounds do you think it is....sure is alot. Thanks alot.
  2. Yeah, you must of seen yogi bears pictures...too bad he was banned.

    I've never had a successful grow, but ive SEEN 4-5 pounds of homegrown that my friends parents grew.
  3. yea, how many plants did they have? Why havent u been successful?
  4. 3 pounds at my dealer's place
  5. 6. 75 pounds at my dealers place. yup i mean it.
    Just Blaze It.....
  6. not sure the net weight but a couple hundred trash bags :)
  7. ive seen at least over 10 pounds
  8. i saw a puddle jumper filled with pound bags. it was pretty intense. i felt kinda paranoid just being near it.
  9. yogi was the shit and still is the shit PM me if u want he runs his own message board ill hook u up with the link:bongin:
  10. my dealer pulled of 2 kilos of 3 huge plants last year
  11. 50 ounces of dried bud off of my 4 plants last year.
  12. dude i know this old dude, he calls 50 pounds a BAIL, like a bail of hay. They used to drop it out of a plane with a parachute attatched to it in this field behind his house in the 60's or something. He could have been lying but i dont know...:devious:
  13. Hey Everyone -

    I am new here.... I grow outside on the coast of Maine every summer. Spend my summer near the ocean then in the winter months I live in the mountains of Colorado.

    My outdoor grow last summer I got 79 oz (almost 5lbs). I hope to hit 100 oz this year.... (my fingers are crossed!) I have my seeds in the soil just waiting for things to pop. This year I have -->

    (24) Early Girl X Big Bud seeds
    (24) BC Biker Bud seeds
    (12) Random Bag seeds

    The most I have ever seen is 15 lbs. (Which takes up a bit of space!)

    Kisses -
  14. In -blank- I seen 2,100 plants but actually in my face literally I can walk up to, 14 plants.
  15. when i was younger about 14/15 i visited family in south africa and was enlightend by my uncles 6 acre MJ farm

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