What is "Mike n Ikes" slang for?

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  1. I always see people on facebook from my school talking about "Mike n Ikes" and it's obviously not the candy...

    what do you think it is? I know it has to be a drug... i'm thinking it's Adderall considering they're both capsule's



  2. So you made another one of these? Why don't you just ask instead of filling up the forums with double posts?

    And you know adderall isn't the only drug that comes in capsules right?
  3. Maybe ecstasy, mike n ikes are a whole buncha different colours... same with xtc pills.

    ->Why do they use slang in the first place..? If their tryin to hide shit it only makes it more obvious really..
  4. lmfao, this is what came up on Urban Dictionary

    1. \tMike N Ikes \t
    \tWhen a Male puts mike and Ikes into his rectum, then another male proceeds to retrieve them from the others rectum with his tongue.
    "Matt paid 25 cents to get Jacobs Mike N Ikes"

    :confused::confused::confused::confused_2: :confused_2:
  5. Hahahaaaa
  6. lol hahhahaha.
  7. just a complete shot in the dark, acid dripped on mike n ikes?
  8. Still laughing. :hello:
  9. thought it was pretty funny, knew you stoners would get a kick out of that.

    but on topic, ive never heard of that, but like someone else said id guess E?
  10. I deleted the other thread and moved it to the appropriate forum.
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    It can be any number of things, acid dropped on mike n ikes, thizz, pills, slang changes from town to town city to city bro

    Edit, get about $30 one day and hit up one of these people you see talkin bout it, and try and cop some see what they are for yourself.
  12. Thats what I'm saying. ^

    Why not just ask someone who uses the term?
  13. im from NY also never heard about that could be addys

    cause yea xannys are like bars

    not that many capsule pills that can be talked about on FB as mike n ikes

    so gone

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