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What is "Mids?"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Perpetual Burn, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Is there any such thing as true "mids?" If so, what do you consider to be "mids?"

    I'll let you guys go first...

    Sorry if this is a repost.
  2. Call yourself a seasoned toker and you don't what that is.
    Nah just playing I'm sure you don't fuck around with that shitty bud..its better then schwag but its not dank. It will get ya high still, usually hard compressed buds, no smell, a few seeds if its good mids, the taste isn't to grand nor is the high. Sure its cheap to pick up alot but the lil bit of dank, I'd rather just one ounce of dank then a qp of mids.
  3. mids is a classification of weed...
    ex. lows, mids, beasters, headies
  4. I wish I had to ask what mids are instead of being stuck with them for the last 6 months.

    Usually duller looking, more seeds, definitely not a lot of trichomes or crazy looking hairs you seen on headies, not a strong smell. They are awesome if you have a low tolerance though, since an ounce of mids rarely costs more than 120-140.
  5. #5 Hashmouf, Aug 21, 2008
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    What I consider mids is any weed that did not reach its full potential.

    Here is my basic judging criteria

    High Grade:

    1.High Trichome concentration

    2.Distinct aroma

    3.Pronounced flavor

    4.Smoothness, non-harsh

    5.Bud structure and proper cure

    Mid Grade:

    If any of the 5 standards of High Grade are missing I consider the weed to be in the Mids category.

    Low Grade:

    If 3 or more of the High Grade standards are missing I consider the weed to be in the Low grade category.
  6. i smoke mids all the time there great and $5 a gram :eek:. the mids i get are dark green or light green , smell like pine and make your fingers sticky
  7. ^^^
    Hey, mids are still tree, haha. I smoked them for a long time, and enjoyed it. But once you know true headies... You learn to appreciate better dosha.
  8. exactlyy. i used to smoke mids with a strong dank smell but after i got up on a new dealer highs are way different, mids arent badd but once youu get up on some beasters nd headies youll apreciate it alot more..
    youll knoww if its headies or not once you smell it..
  9. I dig your view on it, hashmouf... high standards. :)

    It is my opinion that there is really no such thing as "mids." You've basically got either dank or regs. If it's got seeds, it's a male (or a rare hermaphrodite) which means it's generally got a low THC content. Male plants were either improperly grown in a controlled environment or grown outdoors with no removal of the male plants which would leave higher THC content sensimilla. Of course there are different degrees of "regs" but generally, if it's got seeds, it's not great.

    Then, there is "dank." Dank should have no seeds which creates much higher THC levels... and much higher people. Dank can be grown outdoors, indoors, in soil or hydroponically. The quality of the dank is dependent on growing conditions and strain quality.

    "Mids," to me would really just be poorly grown dank. It has to be sensimilla, but won't have the trichomes, texture, smell, potency, etc. that is required of top notch "headies."

    In my opinion, "mids" is just a term made up by "regs" dealers to make their product sound better than it really is... and of course, as there are different degrees of "regs," it could very well be better than another dealer's "regs."

    In reality, there are infinite different levels of quality... as THC content and quality of high will vary from strain to strain according to production quality; but ultimately there are just two major categories, dank and regs.
  10. Any shit that has seeds in it is generally shwag/mersh/regs to me, with some exceptions. Mids to me is decent bud that never reached it's potential. I've had dealers say 'yeah I got mids, good for blunts def not shwag' and it turned out to be poop.
  11. For myself, mids are great quality buds, but with something missing, like Hashmouf said...

    No great smell, or a difference in color etc...

    Getting Shwag here is tougher then getting some White Widow or some Blue Diamond xtc, haha.

    Anyhow, mids are normal good buds, kthx bai

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