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What is Kief?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applegarth, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I dont know if that is just a nickname for ganja or not, but what is it? can any one tell me what it is?
  2. The bud of the plant is filled with trichomes, which are little resin glands on a stick attached to the plant. They look like mushrooms in a microscope. They're the potent part of the plant. These trichomes easily falls off the plant and a huge amount of trichomes is called kief. You can get grinders that has kief catchers and smoking kief is gonna make you super high :smoking:
  3. Here you go. Bud + Kief= Parfait


  4. bud has little crystals all over itself called tricomes. tricomes are filled with THC and cannabanoids. so basiclly keif is weed product that gets you super high
  5. Unpressed hash, powedered hash, trichomes, resin glands, THC crystals, these are all some names for kief.
  6. I hate when people call them crystals. You had it right with #3. Kief (Arabic for 'peace') is nothing more or less than the trichomes of the plant. Trichomes are special glands where the resin containing the THC is produced.

    Hash is pressed kief, in it's simplest form. I never really thought of kief as 'powdered hash' though; that's a bit backwards. That's a bit like calling a ground beef 'powdered hamburger'.

  7. I'm just stating what people call them, so the OP would know what people are talking about when they say one of those terms. I also don't like them being called THC crystals because it leads people to think it is pure THC.
  8. Haha, the incredible rightness of your every post makes me laugh!

    He's right! I personally consider kief as "the golden dust". You're out of weed, smoke kief!


    P.S. Powdered hamburger.... Hummm....
  9. They actually look like little round mushrooms.


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  10. ^ yup, like this.


    Edit: the green ones
  11. ^^^ Much better pic. My camera doesn't get that kind of resolution.
  12. very nice picture, perfectly shown
  13. Awesome pic!
  14. Man I love kief.
  15. if you have vicodin handy and are grinding it up anyway
    let the powder fall down into your kief catcher
    it will mix with your kief
    also have a small berry down there to roll around and collect kief
    put that in your pipe
    then the rest of the pill kief
    and go turn on yellow submarine and grab a pizza
  16. who doesnt?

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