What is Kerry's stance on marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by jsb2277, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. I would like to know where john kerry stands on the issue of marijuana, on medical, decriminalization, and legalization.
  2. Personally, and I've watched most of the debates on Cspan and fox news along with cnn, the only thing i have heard from John kerry is " I Aprove this message". But ralph nader and the green party have stood out against in debates and on the website. www.ralphnader.com www.gp.org
  3. ralph nader is going to ruin Kerry's chance at winning, leaving us with bush again..... fuck that

    you can find the stances of all the candites at the norml website
  4. looks like the right guy would have been Dennis Kucinich, he totally supports marijuana. Kerry only supports medical and has no opinion on the other fields, while Bush is against all forms of marijuana.
  5. Bush doesnt have any chances of winning the election. With his rescent statements and actions agains the homosexual comunity and the fact that he is trying to make an amendment pass that would alow him to change the date of the election the only ones that truly support bush is the richest one percent. I think Bush is stealing the election for Ralph nader
  6. oh and dont forget his connections to al qeada and the bin laden family
  7. not to support bush but his connections are to the saudi royal family, not al qeada
  8. The world now associates the bin Laden name with Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect be hind the terror atrocities of Sept. 11. As President George W. Bush leads an intense international manhunt for Osama, few Americans realize that Osama's eldest brother, Salem, was one of Bush's first business partners. http://www.americanfreepress.net/10...orge_W__B/bush___bin_laden_-_george_w__b.html but dont take my word for it go to http://www.americanfreepress.net/10...orge_W__B/bush___bin_laden_-_george_w__b.html and find out for yourselfs.

  9. i dont much care for bush but suggesting he has links to al qaeda is fucking stupid. dont buy into everything you hear
  10. I'm not suggesting anything im quoting an article which has viable proof that bush has been connected to the bin laden family through his OIL company. Which it is my OPINION ( yes in america I am intitle to an opinion no matter how stupid you may feel it is) that any connect to the Bin laden family is a connection to the leader of so called al qeada leader OSAMA BIN LADEN

  11. well i still think you are bullshit, thats my opinion
  12. I thought the Green Party booted Nader and he went to the Reform Party? I'm pretty sure he is part of the Reform Party now.

    As for Kerry, well he isn't really for Marijuana, but he'll bring with him a lot of democrats for the other branches of government, since the other branches seem to fill up with politicians who share the same party as the president. With that said the current trend has been that most of the YES votes on ballots regarding weed have been from Democrats. So Kerry wouldn't directly influence anything but him being in office indirectly helps us. It's those right wing Republicans who are constantly voting no.
  13. Kerry doesnt have a stance on any issue. It depends on what day you ask him as to how he will answer a question.
  14. Unfortunately, neither of the candidates who have a chance of winning will do anything to end marijuana prohibition. Decriminalization is not an issue that will attract a significant number of new voters to either of them, so they'd rather play it safe and try not to upset the supporters they have already (particularly Bush).

    State and local laws decriminalizing marijuana must be passed before the Federal government even considers it.

  15. Look, I know it's funny to just repeat what you hear from the news and from Bush's campaign, but just leaving that at "Kerry can't make up his mind" is ridiculous unless you're actually talking about specific issues. Otherwise, it's mindless political bullshit. If you look at the actual facts of the way he voted and what the things he were voting for actually said, you'd realize he's a lot more consistent than Bush would have you believe. Believe it or not, the job of a good Senator is to do exactly what Bush is calling "flip-flop", and vote based on the specifics of the text of the resolution.

    Saying Kerry doesn't believe in anything because he once voted for the Patriot Act but is now against it is ridiculous. Everyone supported the Patriot Act when it was passed because there was good reason to think it would be necessary. There was a very recent terrorist attack, and we needed to make sure it was the only one. But why, nearly three years after the attack, do we still give the government the right to tap our phones and search through private documents? The Patriot Act was nice, but it's no longer necessary. But, of course, "Only people with no principles say they're for something and then change their mind later" is easier to explain, and harder to defend. Nobody wants to hear the story of how Kerry realized the Patriot Act was no longer necessary. But you only have to look at Bush's foreign (and domestic) policy to see how a Black-and-White view of things actually plays out.

    And as for the abortion issue, his stance is crystal-clear. John Kerry believes personally that life begins at conception. Yet, because of the division of church and state (remember that, Bush? "Christian nation" my fucking ass), he has no right to force people who don't share his belief to conform to it. In other words, he's putting his responsibility to represent his constituants before his own personal religious beliefs. If ONLY people in the White House did that.

    So Kerry doesn't have ideals because he takes a good look at the evidence each time he has to make a decision about something, instead of mindlessly promoting a specific agenda? Fine. Give me that any day over the alternative.
  16. Kerry said, by the way, that he is FOR medical marijuana, but "not necessarily" for decrim/legalization. He said he would ideally want to adopt a system close to the one that is practiced in Massachusetts, where (and I know this from personal experience), you get no conviction, but a short (6-month) very-low-maintenance probation.

    So basically, not nearly what we want. But a hell of a lot more reasonable than Bush, who even claims "marijuana has no medicinal value".

    Kerry's not the ideal, but he's definitely a baby step in the right direction. Whereas Bush is fucking two blocks in the WRONG direction.

    'specially with Ashcroft at his side.

  17. if only that were true....
    sad to say but after four woeful years a substantial part of the america still thinks bush is capable of running the country...in fact most people who support bush do so because they feel he is more experienced/is a better leader than kerry...people who support kerry do so mostly because he is simply not bush...its hard to imagine bush being a better leader than anyone tho...
  18. Personally I dont see why anyone would vote for bush. But everyone is entitle to the vote, if there is anyone who does think bush would be a good leader please tell me your reason.
    I think the ideal candidate for the white house would be Nader just because I like his veiws on many thing , kerry wouldnt be a bad choice although i think he was a pussy for not debate Ralph nader in person, instead he send one of his lackies to do it
  19. sorry to say it people, but bush wins the election this time aswell.

    al quaedas next attach appeared to me in a vision i had when smoking last night.

    it was a horribly bloody attack from al quaeda , that made the people vote for bush again, as he was the one going the furthest in threatening the terrorists vith retribution.

    unfortionately he attacks North Korea, instead of al quaeda.

    the world ends as we know it, in a world apocalyptic nuclear winter, the next ice age.

    and there my vision ends.

    bummer ;)

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