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  1. Just 1 of my girls has it bad all over 2 others have a few leaves with it. Running the promix hpcc GH flora series 3 part calmag, and b-52 light dose nothing over 800 ppm well water 350 ppm ph 6.0 any ideas there lacking something.

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  2. If your water starts off at 350ppm then I suspect there is something in there that's interfering with your nutrients. Do you know why it's so high?
    Have you considered filtering it?
  3. Well there a month old nothing has bothered them before there Hindu Kush I guess they eat up a lot of calmag definitely lacking something I gave them last night with calmag see how it works out.
  4. Yeah it can take time for whatever is in the tap water to build up to levels that are high enough to react with other elements and lock them out.

    Have you grown plants with this tap water before? Do you drink it? Do you know what is in it that's making it have such a high ppm?
    Mine is 50ppm
  5. I’ve grow with it before and yes you can drink it I just am in process of finishing a crop that was grown with this water. It’s lacking in P or calmag. I gave it a good drink of calmag and all other plants seems they seem to be perky.
  6. Well I figured that I was using RO water instead of my normal well water so thinking it was lacking in iron and sulfur and all those little things that well water has ? What you think ?
  7. I gave her a good drink of what I was thinking was lacking today see haw she goes

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  8. The rest are looking decent

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  9. that looks like cal/mag or phosphorus def.

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