what is it with these threads

Discussion in 'General' started by KALiBERRRR, May 4, 2006.

  1. theres like 6 posts and 60 views. what is this, like so many people stalking like the same 6 people that post all the time.

    edit: im mad high, so that should give it better sense.

  2. its due to seeing so many of these stupid threads just liks this one that people are curious as to what you posted... then after viewing the thread they find out its just another stupid pointless thread :smoke:
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  3. true, i wondered the same thing though, ive seen posts with pics of pieces and herb and there are like 500 views and like 3 replies. I think its a little bit weird, but i guess it has to do with there being lots of guests on this site maybe? and what phish said about lots of pointless garbage ass threads.
  4. Not everyone that looks at a thread makes a post. So it's possible to imagine a thread being viewed a few hundred times but most people feel it doesn't warrant a post thus, low post count and high view count.
  5. some people read the city to absorb information rather than to give information.

    and some people might not know enough on the topic to post, but would like to read up on it.

    i've never really cared about post/view count.
  6. I feel the same way, I was a member for almost 3 months before I made my first post. I read the majority of the topics that are posted, but I rarely post in them myself. If the topic is something I'm particulaly interested in, or there is something I can say that hasn't been said yet I'll post for sure. But I definitely dont feel the need to post in every single thread I see for the purpose of raising my post count or rep.
  7. hit the nail on the fucking head man!
  8. LOL.. why did i make this thread

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