What is it like on shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by donuts, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I'm curious about trying shrooms, but i want to get an idea of what you feel/see/hear :p, and how much money I would be spending on average to get a good trip.
  2. Google Psychedelic Mushrooms.

  3. www.erowid.org is a good reference site.. just bookmark it.
  4. can anyone answer the "how much does it cost to get a good trip on average?" question? Thanks for the sites but they dont really give me a price point
  5. 1 gram will give you a good first trip.
  6. well, everything kinda looks like its breathing, do them in a place your comfortable with, and have a couple of friends, or one with you.
  7. how much does 1 gram cost on average
  8. 10 dollars.

  9. If I went to the guy and wanted one gram...probably 5 dollars. He usually sells eighths for 15. It's different depending where you live though. Higher in big cities. I've heard of them selling even cheaper in places where they grow naturally. It's too dry here, even though we have lots of cows (and cow shit).

    Upside is we almost always get homegrown mushrooms that people cared for and are potent as fuck. When I can find some. :(

    Oh, and I completely lost my mind on 2 grams the last time I did them. I did 3.5 my first time and was ok, but I wouldn't reccomend more than 2 anymore. Not for a first time.
  10. Personally I like 2.5 grams as a nice starter dose... fuck 1 gram, you will be disappointed in yourself for not tripping harder.

    anywhere from 1.8-2.5 would be my personal reccommendations.. but it also greatly depends on the potency of what you are getting.
  11. i get mine for 5 bucks a gram. I would say 2-2.5 grams for your first trip, 1g won't do much. Everything looks like its moving when youre on it, lots of different colors and millions of thoughts going through your head at once, hard to get your sentences straight cuz you forget what you were saying. You may find yourself going to the washroom to piss then forgetting what you were gonna do when you get there. its really great, but think positive thoughs or you may have a panick attack over nothing!
  12. i wanted to do shrooms but would be afraid i would trip to hard and get a panic attack and end up having a some sort of asthma attack .
    cause i did salavia and thought my friends were out to get me.
    also worried about the time issue i hear minutes feel like hours...

  13. Anytime I trip, I live an entire lifetime in the trip. Minutes feel like years to me.
  14. Salvia is no comparison to shrooms whatsoever.. I have never had a positive experience with salvia, i always get overwhelmed with panic.

    with shrooms it feels much more organic, and you ease your way out of reality much slower than with salvia... salvia more thrusts you out for several minutes then pulls you in... shrooms you go out slow, peak, and come down slow.. ive never had a bad shroom experience in my life.

    best times to you :D
  15. what do you meen by minutes feel like years, are you exaderating? Or does time go super slow like that? if so thats insane and sounds awsome. im planning on doing it in mid fall in some woods nearby with a friend
  16. i would reccomend anywhere from 2-2.5 g's for your first trip..an 1/8th usually cost around 25 or 30 dollars
  17. eat an eighth(3.5grams) after eating or 1-2 grams if not. if you choose eating it will last longer. an eight where i live is 40$ but it is hella good shit. everything is expensive in big cities.
  18. my trips on salvia have always been so much harder than those on mushrooms. i would never ever smoke salvia in a forrest, id get way to fuckin freaked out by that shit. shrooms on the other hand, ill be hugging trees in no time.

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