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  1. hi everyone im currently on my first grow (1 plant bagseed)hope its female:D Someone told me its a hybrid. can someone tell me what this is please? im using 2 45w 6400k dayight blue cfls

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    It appears to be a female indica dominant hybrid. Very indica dominant.

    Watch your nutrient levels; it looks like you might be getting the very start of burn on the lower leafs. Whatever your fertilizer says to use, only use a quarter slowly increased to a half.

    When you go into flower, put in 3 40-45watt 2700K "soft white" CFLs. This will provide the spectrum needed for bud development. Also, keep your CFLs about 2”-3" away from the plant. Their penetration is limited, but they do the job.

    I hope that helps.
  3. thats some advance cultivation u got goin on theirhope the thc balances nicely
  4. thanks! yeah i noticed and flushed it i was using miracle grow so ill stop using that thanks for the help. and for flowering will one 150w red cfl work with a reflector and use the 2 blues as side lights ?
  5. Yes, that lighting system should be just fine. Just make sure to have the light about 2"-3" or thereabouts.

    Don't forget to check out the beginners cultivation section for a lot of good info. :)

  6. yeah they are about 3" above thanks for the help :)

    The roost are coming out the holes in pot is that normall :/
  7. It's fine.

    If you grow again, try putting down a base layer of perlite (1" or so) or just some rocks. This will help drainage and aid the roots.

    Most people veg for about a month, but you can go longer. Remember that when you switch to 12-12 light for flower, your plant will continue to grow to about 2X-3X its size. Take that into consideration is you are limited for space.
  8. okay cheers :D yeah iv got enough space its in a out-house so its just the hight of a normall room i will get the new light on friday and start to flower :)

    Do u just go straight from 18/6 to 12/12
  9. Some people do. Other's leave the plant in total darkness for 24-36 hours, then start 12-12. It's up for debate. Personally, I'd go with a 24 hour dark period. It can take up to 2 weeks to notice bud development after the 12-12 switch. Don't be discouraged.

    Keep the light cycle stable to avoid stressing the plant. I'd buy a timer if you don't already use one.

    For the purpose of counting it's flower period, start from the first day you notice buds.

    After about 9 weeks in flower you might want to post pictures in the Absolute Beginner forum to ask if it looks ready for harvest.

    G'luck! :)
  10. right will do :) thanks alot m8
  11. You're welcome. Good luck with that lil'girl. :)
  12. That will do the trick and then some. :)

    If you feel like it, you can post your progress in the Grow Journals section. If you run into any issues, or other people have comments to help you out, you can get feedback as you go. Just a thought.

  13. haha :p thanks for the help i will do that :)

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