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What is he point of hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FistTimePothead, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. What is the point of hash? I have about 2 grams of it, but what is the point of it. Besides smoking it, what can I do with it? Could I make edibles? How would I make them?
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    The point of hash is, well, hash. You can make edibles or a tincture. I can't remember the % thc in hash, it's higher than bud, but less than concentrates. In the Incredible Edible forum Bad Kitty Smiles (it's a stickied thread) details how to make hash capsules. In any case I would decarb it just like cannabis at 240F for 40 minutes then mix with oil and cook with it, make caps, or tincture. If your hash is 50% THC (it may be up to 80% depending on quality) you have 1000mg of product which would make a nice anything. Good luck, whatever you do, enjoy it!
    Also, it's not necessary to post the same questions in different forums, it's bad form, mate.
  3. What Joker said. What kind of hash do you have? Kief? Bubble? I love the spicy smell of hash, I'd keep some just to smell it from time to time. If you make edibles then make something tasty, you can make ordinary edibles out of bud so don't use up your hash on firecrackers.
  4. to get high as fuck
  5. What isn't the point of hash?

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