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    Couple of days ago I started seeing discoloration on fan leaves. This is a White Widow Feminized from Southern Oregon Seeds. Growing outdoors in HOT Louisiana. Last 2 weeks avg 94 day and 72 night temps. Humidity avg 65%. Growing in fabric pot. Using Fox Farm Trio per schedule. Had to plant late. Germinated on 6/23 started flowering 8/19. I have five plants, four healthy and this one. First grow and first post, but have learned a lot from y’all. Any help suggestions appreciated. Help.JPG Heop.JPG First Grow1.jpg
  2. Nice looking grow , very nice for a first effort for sure.
    I'm not an outdoor grower but, I'm going to guess that the heat is getting them a little, but overall they look healthy.
    Falls on the way, I think you are going to be fine.
    Good luck post some of the flower pics when they get going, I'd like to see
  3. I get this veriegation now and then. I believe it's either genetic or a virus which isn't transferred easily. It never seems to spread to other plants and doesn't seem linked to environmental conditions. This is the one I have right now

    20190828_131813.jpg 20190828_131800.jpg 20190828_131747.jpg 20190828_131732.jpg
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  4. TMV
    You’ll likely survive.
    I grew two plants; only one was affected by TMV.
    TMV *is*; some plants are more susceptible to it than others.
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  5. U have spider mites my friend !!! Better kill em now!!! If u don't u gonna be sad. And make sure u spray every damn leaf epically underneath !!! Just did mine last night . lil fuckers !!![​IMG]

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  6. And wash you're plants before drying less u wAnna smoke bugs. They on the buds to believe that. Grab u a leaf and a loupe and look at the back of the leaf. U will see tiny bugs and eggs with the loupe. U can't see them with the naked eye

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  7. Thanks for the reply. I am a little skittish. I was the kid in kindergarten whose sunflower didn't sprout. First thing I have tried growing since then....lol.
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  8. Here are a couple pics of my first grow. Week 5 of flower. Strain is blue steel

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    I know mine isn't because I have 8 plants growing in the same bed and only one has it and it's very healthy. Tobacco mosaic virus makes the plant quite sickly and it would've transfered to the others by now. I had a cucumber get it a few years ago and it was the end of that plant

    Genetic veriegation happens in many species of plants and I believe that's what's happening here...
    At least with mine, I can't be sure about the OPs plants
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  10. Very Nice!!
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  11. The late start I got is killing me now. We are at or above 95 degrees for the last 8 days and forecast for next 6 days are 100 plus. RH is as high as 90% overnight. I could tell some of the plants were really struggling so i took three indoors and left the three that seem to enjoy the heat and humidity outside. The three I brought in were in week 3 of flowering but still look like they just started. Not sure what will happen by moving them inside but they sure perked up in 75 degree weather and 65% RH.
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  12. A week later IMG_20190904_085341.jpg IMG_20190904_085550.jpg
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  13. it maybe TMV .because as well has the mottling there are leaves that are distorted as well ,, check out these pictures,,,,.mac.. download (14).jpg download (15).jpg download (13).jpg
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  14. not my pictures they are from grow sites,and gardening sites etc ,,,but i have had TMV in the past ,,and just let the plant grow another plant that was growing in same tent just had it as well but not as bad ,,,the plant with heavy TMV yielded not as much but smoked ok ,,,,,mac,
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  15. If you live in Massachusetts I got clones to part with. Some smoke is better than none
  16. And what is TMV?
  17. That is absolutely variegation, often confused with TMV. It happens from time to time and can either be genetic or based on the individual plant. TMV is very bad for plants, but variegated leaves are nothing to worry about!
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    Those look VERY MUCH like the leaves that *I* researched and ‘declared’ Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
    I read MUCH about that disease and how it devastates SOME crops though, merely, affects other.
    TMV is not commonly known to be a killer of reefer.
    The tobacco experts concentrate on breeding resistant varieties.
    I think that there is little for US to do... it seems to matter little on pot plants.
    I have many variegated plants in my house; TMV is different (although it shows as variegated leaves) and did not spread to my other plant AT ALL.
    I have two plants, now, and one has already grown out two ‘variegated’ leaves (no others); no issue to me.
    I’ll know more in three months.
    What *I* call TMV:
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