What is happening to these leaves? Top leaves with edges burnt

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    Hi everyone, first time grower here.

    I'm growing in coco coir, feeding daily with flora trio following the schedule attached. A few days ago a few leaves next to bud sites started to shown a strange brownish burn in the edges. Some people told me it was nutrient burn, others that it were calmag deficiency. I flushed the system 3 days ago and the symptoms are progressing and not getting better. Any clue on what it could be?

    Temp stays around 18-25 celsius
    Humidity: 45-75%

    Thanks for your help.


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  2. You’ll need a pic of the whole plant plus temp and humidity. Did you prime your coco before you started ?
  3. You’ll need a pic of the whole plant plus temp and humidity. Did you prime your coco before you started ?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I washed and rinsed my coco but I don't know what priming means.

    I edited the post adding my temps and humidity and here are a few pics of the whole plant:

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  5. Kinda looks like cal mag .
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  6. Idk how far in flower . Are you doing equal parts of the trio ?
  7. I'm currently following this schedule: Micro: 1/2 tsp, Gro: 1/8 tsp, Bloom: 1/2 tsp, CalMag: 1/2 tsp
  8. Are you going to join the cannalyst forum ?
  9. It really seems like potassium deficiency. But it is strange because I'm feeding nutrients daily. I will keep feeding it and see how it goes, I will try to bring the dosage up a little bit as well.
  10. Its suffering a multitude of issues #1 overwatered/over fed

    #2 lacking mag needed to produce cell structures to retain the nitrogen

    #3 due to overwater roots damaged causing inability to uptake nutrients neccessary to grow. All it can take in is water

    Treatment stop watering! Flush whatever feed remains. Cap plant under a dome and folar feed once leave it alone for a few days to a week and you might be able to recover

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  11. Potassium deficiency isn't always from a lack of feed like the previous poster pointed out. Improper medium structure like not enough additional perlite is common with rookie growers and bag soils retain too much moisture often for optimal feeding and growth rate with cannabis.

    Most experienced growers blend any mix even coco or live organic soil with about 20% additional perlite. I like course grade. It's larger grain and just works better to prevent compaction and promote drainage imo over the traditional smaller grain.

    Leaves breathe air/roots breathe oxygen. You need both elements for a healthy fast growing plant. It's one part of growing where many hydro methods have an advantage with mechanical aeration of the roots often. In a constructed medium you have to give the roots as much air as you can to compensate for them being packed in it. If the medium stays moist too long the roots won't breathe and the plant won't feed.

    This will lead to buildup of feed in the soil which leads to ph issues and uptake problems with nutrients.

    I agree you might be what they call locked out and may need a flush or alterations to the pot or medium. Is it elevated out of the drain tray?
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  12. At this point I only have time for this forum.
  13. I didn't realize until now you're using GH. I'm a long time GH user. Have most of their standard line of products or I've used it/tried it.

    After you flush and make sure you have enough drainage come back with a mix of 4ml/micro and 8ml/bloom per gallon of feed. That is the base of the lucas method with high ppm tap water but I like feeding low ppm and often over strong. Most nutrient lines recommend way to high of a feeding schedule. I usually go with half recommended by default and feed daily instead of feeding strong and rotating days of just water.
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    That was helpful, thanks!

    I mixed 20% of perlite with coco coir to use as my medium, but since I was feeding daily I may be locked out. Also, the plant is elevated out of the drain tray.

    The strange part is that I flushed the whole system 5 days ago and kept feeding with 1/2 strength nutrients but the symptoms didn't got better, they got worse. I'm uploading another picture that I yesterday.

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  15. Agreed!!! However could also be C is locking out the P. Either way the leaf is showing P issues.
  16. I think something is locking out potassium because symptoms are not improving. Do I have to flush it to unlock?
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  17. Well this is why I like soil! I can just do a slurry test and know exactly what's going on

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  18. Yes flush and then feed light
  19. I will try flushing it again tomorrow then. I will post the results here afterwards. Thanks for your help.
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