What is happening to my plants??

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    Hi folks, this is my first attempt on planting cannabis. Me and my mate got a refrigerator as a greenhouse. We are using 3 50w fluor lamps. We got a great soil but my plants arent growing as fast as i expected and one of then got a bug, so my mate has to cut half of the first pair of leaves to remove the damaged edges.

    Here is what they look now:




    The plats are White Widow.

    We are using the lamps vertically placed on the edges of the container. Before we got the timer, the light had not been distributed to them correctly until 2 weeks later, when we installed the timer. Now they are getting 17h of light a day.

    The watering was happening once in a day (the buckets have several holes in the botton), but we heard that is for the best wait until the soil goes dry completely, so its that what we are doing now.

    They are 1 mouth old, and i am really worried.

    1) What are we doing wrong?
    2) Can i use liquid fertilizer?
    3) What can we do to improve our greenhouse with limited resorces?
    4) Can the second plant survive? Cutting the damaged edges ruined her?
    5) How they look to you?

    ps: When we was out of a timer to control light, they spend 3 days in the open (coz both of us was not in the house to look out for), thats when the second plant got a bug who was eating her up.

    ps2: I took those pics with my cellphone, i'll post better quality pics tomorrow.

    Thanks for your help. Best Regards from Brazil!
  2. Stop cutting. Your plant is far to small to cut anything. Just let it grow..they will fall off eventually if they are really bad. Plants need light and get it from there leaves. Your plant has hardly any leaves so cutting it just slows down growth etc. You actually might be stunting its growth from cutting it since its so small. That is most likely one reason for the size issue. If you have something that is killing the plants cutting doesn't do anything usually its a nute issue or a insect issue. Deal with that and plants recover. A lot of times the damage that is caused from that stays but leaf stays alive. It just will have permanent marks.

    Is your refrig have ventilation? Unless you want a fail of a grow you need a ventilated place. Air being sucked out and air being sucked in by the air being sucked out.

    On nutes yes you can use liquid ferts thats the preferred method. Fox Farms Nute Trio is a good one. Has a idiot proof chart for feeding.

    On your lights make sure there right close to it. After about 4 inches CFLs lose all spectrum for growth. You want them as close as possible

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