What is happening to my plants?

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  1. can someone please tell me what is happening to my plants? They seem to be sick of something because they are turning yellow and brown and the leaves are dying. I have put lots of time and effort into them and I need a diagnoses. I have attached a few pics of them. Thanks so much!

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  2. Could you give more details? Grow medium, nutes, light etc and could you send a pic of the newest growth

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  3. Fox farm OF to start, then when I transplanted I switched to promix. I think I might have burned them when I gave them fertilizer. I just flushed them so hopefully that will do the trick.
  4. I hope that was the case, a flush I'd stressful and should be avoided if possible. Let us know how they're doing

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  5. It appears to be major deficiencies. First I would transplant to a much larger pot. Growing outdoors I recommend no smaller than 20 gallons unless you put the plants out very late in the growing season. I would bet your plant is also root bound. With growing in such a small pot it leads to issues with nutrients and water. Provide a larger pot will hold more soil and in turn hold more nutrients that the plant will absorb over its life. Cannabis likes nutrients and can strip soil of vital nutrients in a matter of a few weeks. Because of this, providing additional nutrients by top dressing of feeding with waterings become needed I. Order to keep the plant healthy. Using a larger pot make it so addition nutrients are not need as quickly and the soil hold a larger amount of water preventing the plant from become under watered. A larger pot allows for a larger root system which allows the plant to grow larger increasing yields. The plants size is limited to 10% larger than its root system. For soil I would avoid pro mix u less you are adding amendments and nutrients in your waterings. Promix has very little to no nutrients which is most likely a big reason for your issues. When I but soil instead of mixing my own I will use a mixture of Happy Frog mixed with Ocean Forrest. Using these two soils provides a diverse selection of nutrients and results in healthy plants. I suggest transplanting it into a fabric pot as they work much better than other types of pots. The fabric prevent plants from becoming root bound which result in healthier and larger plants that produce larger yields compared to pots consist of other materials.

    Lastly I would ensure you are treating the plants for pest. Mites and caterpillars are the biggest threats to you plants health. Both will destroy your plants if left untreated. A weekly treatment of organic solutions to kill and prevent the bugs will do wonders for saving your plants especially come flowering. If you plan on growing a hobby/ job I suggest purchasing a grow book such as Jorge Cervantes' Cannabis Encyclopedia in order to learn as much as possible. It will be the best investment you can make into your adventures in growing cannabis. Good luck. Feel free to check out my outdoor grow and get some ideas and see how mine is set up.

    Kronicly Insane's 2017 Outdoor gardens.

    Kronicly Insane's 2017 Outdoor gardens.

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