What Is Happening To Kids?

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  1. Pretty odd thread Id say. Im really confused though. 
    Ok Ill admit I was a late bloomer but when I was a kid the earliest I heard of girls getting their periods was like 3rd or 4th grade. And dudes balls dropped as early as 6th grade. 
    My sister was volunteering at a school supervising kids in Kindergarten (ages 5-6).
    She said that some of these kids have body hair already and some developing breast already. The assistant said they had to keep an eye on the male kids because they jerk off during nap time. 
    What the fuck is in these kids water/food?
    And how do this 6 year olds know how to jack off? Wtf do they not get supervised while on the computer? Molested? how else would a 5/6 yr old know how to do that?
    Ok some of those cant be answered but has anyone else noticed this or is this group of kids just a fucked up bunch?
    Found it pretty strange. Sitting here stoned wondering what it could be...

  2. tv and other social media
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    I played with my self at thrree or for cause it felt good

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  4. Its not only the jerking off thing though. Its the fact that the kids are developing so early. Weird to me
  5. People always talk about their balls dropping, and I never get it. My balls have been hanging for as long as I can remember...
  6. It's hormones in the food. Also today's kids are fatter, fat tends to give a girl of any age boob.
    Also: 5 year olds stuff their bras.

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  7. Still wating for my testicles to descend also..
  8. I lost it somewhere around "jerking off at nap time" I will continue reading after i'm done eating this bistro pizza pocket thing
  9. I have noticed this as well. Like it started a few years back after I graduated high school. I went back at one point around a year later to see some teachers and I saw more pregnant freshmen then I ever thought I would see. I also noticed that they looked older then I am and I was already a year older then the damn seniors at that point!!
    It has been several years since then and it has only gotten worse apparantly; but already jacking off at fucking nap time???
    WHAT IN HELL?!?!?!?
    The worst that happened at naptime when I was in kindergarden was somebody shitting their pants or something. And boobs on a 5 year old? I thought boobs on 6th and 7th grade girls was strange back in the day...
    When I have kids they are going to have organic diets and minimal TV watching time, if any, I don't even watch the shit!!!! None of this growth hormone shit, MTV teen pregnancy shit, fuck it, no United States either. I think I will leave the country before having kids. I bet Canadian kids are healthy and don't get boobs and jack off in kindergarden.
  10. Well, I actually meant that mine have always been descended. But good luck to you!
    Kids have body hair at all ages, it isn't necessarily a sign of puberty. Girls don't develop breast that young, they are probably just fat.
  12. Well, as for the kids touching themselves, it's natural as creepy as that sounds, except it usually occurs earlier like 2-4. It happens because they discover they have feelings down there and they of course enjoy it without understanding that its not very appropriate.
  13. I know my generation matured kind of early because alot of the kids were just massive in HS (18now senior)
    I know plenty of kids who pass as adults, however it isn't the majority. And the average person my age started jerking it in around 6th grade
    How can a kinder gardener finish, that is ridiculous!
  15. Hormones like dude said up top
  16. They are becoming....POKEMON 
  17. Yeah its the food.
  18. i been bashing it since day man.
    noone teaches you how to masturbate lol, its on our genes.
  19. I was sheltered and didnt masterbate until I was 14. I remember playing guitar with my penis when I was little but never had the urge to masterbate when I was in kindergarten. Thats some fucked up shit for real.

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