What is going on with my seedlings!?

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  1. I need some help to terminate in what is going on with my two seedlings. They both have a different issue. As you can see one only has one serrated Leaf instead of having a pair. What would cause that genetics? And then my other issue with my other ceiling is on the right serrated Leaf there is a piece missing. It looks too nice to be from a bug. It's like a perfect snip out of it. Has anybody seen that before? I do believe I had too much wind blowing on them the first few days. I believe they suffered from wind burn which is healing now. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys:hola:

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  2. Do you have them in a in a dome? They need spring like conditions, moist, warm. No nutes, just water. First leaves can look funny or be deformed. Should see 3 finger leaf next.

    Great step by step if you haven't already seen it.

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  3. Yeah I had them in a dome for the first few days after sprout. The stem was getting to tall and was ab to push into cover, so i took it off. It's just really weird because I swear that leaf was hole when I went to sleep and I woke up the next day and it was missing that little sliver. I've heard about how sometimes it will only have one leaf on the 1st pair sometimes, but I've never seen a little piece missing like there is on the one on the right
  4. And I only feed water for the first 10 or so days

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