What is going on with my plants? Serious help.

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  1. Brah's I'll lay it down for you in hopes that I get quality replies to help me with my micro-grow.
    I haven't grown in 3 years and I decided to pick up my gardening gloves this season and grow out 1x Vanilla Kush and 1x Dinafem Diesel.
    I had these seeds stored from a previous order of seeds and I decided to see if these bad boys would pop and they did. 
    I'm in a small grow cab (3' x 1') with white panda film. I've grown in this same cab many times before and have had great results.
    Right now i'm starting week 3 of flower under 4x 42 watt 2700k bulbs and 2x 42 watt 5600k bulbs for a total of 262 watts.
    Each plant is in 1 gallon smart pot containers with a small fan blowing on them at all times and an exhaust fan at the top of the cab. None of these are really a concern of mine.
    Soil is a 70% FFOF with 10% leftover FF Light Warrior, 10% leftover roots organics soil, and the rest is add ons like azomite, myco's, vermiculite, a dab of FF happy frog tomatoe fertilizer.
    Each grew nicely in veg. What's weird is that the Diesel is showing an indica pheno and the Vanilla Kush is showing a Sativa pheno as seen in the leaf structure.
    Fast-forward to today:
    I just started week 3 of bloom. I noticed that while my Diesel was looking good....my VK was doing pretty bad. Claw symptoms, twisted leaves, slow growth...
    I water every 5 days and let the soil get nice a dry before watering again.
    I used distilled water with General Organics nutes, a drop of dr. bronners soap, and hygrozyme.
    Can someone tell me wtf is going on with my Vanilla Kush and now looks like my Diesel (from it's bottom leaves).
    First set of pics is my Vanilla Kush.


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  2. Here are pics of my Diesel. Not nearly as bad as my Vanilla Kush but it's just now starting to show symptoms (yellowing) of bottom leaves.
    I should also add that I recently found that my ph was off (6.1 runoff) so 2 days ago I flushed each plant with 2 gallons of 6.7 ph distilled water then 1 gallon of 6.6 ph distilled water + 6 ml of bloom nutrients from the General Organics line.
  3. Plants stop producing new leaves during flowering. The oldest leaves(lowest on the plant) are the first to show signs of wear and tear. I'd leave it for now and see how fast it spreads.
    The other possibility is magnesium deficiency. I never waste money on distilled water for soil grows, I just use pH'd tap water which naturally contains some calcium and magnesium. Try watering with pH corrected tap water and see how they do. There should be no need to waste money on cal mag for a soil grow.
  4. Thanks Andy. Should I let those yellow leaves drop off by their own accord, or should I just pick them off?
    Also do you know what's up with the top of my vanilla Kush plant? Is that claw look related to the Mag deficiency?
  5. Could be the same problem, but long leaves can droop. I never flush soil, I've always seen that as more of a hydro thing. I just give them plain pH'd tap water for the last week to 10 days so they naturally use up remaining nutes...
  6. And leave the leaves on for now... Read that link on how deficiencies work...
  7. You may well be a bit root bound man, 1 gallon pots are bit on small side, how long was the veg time
  8. I was also thinking about that box. Vegged for 3 1/2 weeks. Aren't the smart pots supposed to "air prune" the roots or something along those lines?
    When I watered 2 days ago I actually saw small roots coming out of the seams on the bottom of each plant....yikes.
    What should I do?  My grow cab won't accommodate 2x 3 gallon containers.
    Hopefully the info posted in this thread helps me become a better grower.
    I can feel the power now. 
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    Roots will pop out of your pot on occasion don't worry it never caused any trouble, are you sure the 3 gallon pots wouldn't fit, I think they at most a foot wide I think mine are 11 inch, now to decide if lack of room for roots or late transplant will cost more I couldn't answer that mate
  10. Thanks BM....do you think I could transplant 3 weeks into flowering?
    If it can be done I will do it.
  11. I probably would go for it but have never had to, however some will say not to so that's all the info I have on that end, new thread ha?
  12. Well what did you after
  13. I had a lot of my lower leaves yellow out and die off when I switched to 12/12 of course we are talking apples to oranges my girls were like 3' - 3' 6" at that point. They just weren't getting light so the plant decided to eat them up. As andy said no need for distilled water in fact it is worse than using tap water. As box mastur points out the 1gallon pot is small for your ladies, transplanting is really rough during flowering if you do decide to go that route I would cut the bags right down the sides to try and make sure you have as seamles a transplant as possible. It sounds like your trying to do everything else right, did you make sure to add nutes after flashing out? I would have popped at least 1/4 strength nutes back in. What are you feeding these ladies?

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