What is going on with my plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Drew madson, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Just as the title says what is going on with it? I don't understand why its growing this way everything is green nothing is damaged at all nor yellowing I took pictures to hopefully help you guys find out what I'm doing wrong or need to do.

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  2. When was the last time you watered?

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  3. I watered this morning but I also spray the leaves too. I dont water a lot but I do it everyday. What am I doing wrong
  4. Do I need to maybe drill holes in the pot or something
  5. How much do you water?

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  6. I pour maybe about tour cups around base a day
  7. Water with more water and less frequently. You want to thoroughly soak the medium until there is runoff.
    Ideally, you'd be in a pot that has holes in the bottom or in a fabric pot so you don't drown the plant.
  8. Yeah it has holes at the bottom four big ones I just didnt know if I should reposition a light and aim it towards the middle or something my humidity stays between 38 and 45 percent temps 84 to 87
  9. You do not need run off always.
    Id say give her atleast half a gallon. Feel how heavy that pot is. When it liggt again water again, i dont start a gallon of water until about 4 weeks into veg

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  10. You may want to pick up a tray like this one from your local hardware store or Amazon so water doesn't flow everywhere, but you definitely want to water more thoroughly and then water again once the top 1.5-2" of soil dries up.

    Your humidity is maybe a bit low but not bad, and your temps are a bit high. High 60°s - 80°F are preferred. What CFM are you using for extraction?

    How many watts and what type of light do you have?
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  11. This is true, but getting runoff is a good sign that your medium is soaked. For someone who doesn't know how much to water, it's a place to start until they get used to how much the pot weighs when it's thoroughly soaked.
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  12. Eh everybody waters differently in my opinion... I know there are some good growers on here who specifically water enough for the plants to get through the day and just water daily... others soak the soil and do 10-15% runoff or whatnot.. currently I just water enough to saturate maybe a little bit of runoff but a small enough amount that I can water in my tent and just wipe it dry with a paper towel... now a few times during the grow I'll flush the soil but other than that I don't really water to the point of significant runoff. All I mean is as long as he gives his plants water when they are thirsty or just start showing signs of being thirsty I think he'd be fine runoff or not.... I do understand what you are saying though don't get me wrong it doesn't really matter much anyhow as long as he doesn't keep the soil moist all the time.

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  13. Too true. Right now, I'm watering with Blumats, and I drench them with a tea periodically. The Blumats keep everything moist without any runoff, and the tea hits the couple of spots that the Blumats might not.
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  14. To answer the OPs question, if your watering every day, it's probably over watering. Personally, I water untill I have runoff and when my plant was that size, I usually had to wait at least three days till watering again. Don't water and I bet she'll perk up by same time tomorrow

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  15. Never mind I only looked at first pic
  16. Ur plant needs 1.200ml water. Ur plants looks over watered or she need more water.

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