What is God?

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  1. I was doing some serious thinking yesterday and came up with a strange theory on what God really is. When you are smoking you sometimes feel that bond with nature. Well, I was feeling like everything was connected to me, nature, people, even a candy wrapper I saw on the ground. I thought, every thing is bonded because it comes from the same thing, a single mind.

    Everything you see is a creation of a super intelligent mind. It might seem complex to make a human with a mind, but a human is just a bunch of small organisms creating one. You might ask, then where did the organisms come from? Well, as Superjoint said in the evolution post, you can make matter out of energy and cells are made out of matter.

    Evolution? Yes it did happen, but only the way God wanted it too. I am guessing it is extremely difficult and requires so much use of this mind to form life out of energy. So God created something simple at first, a single celled organism. Instead of going through the highly difficult task of creating, say a cat, God used it's power to make these cells turn into a cat, over a long period of time.

    I kind of think of it stupid when people say every thing you see is exactly how God created it and the world is only about 4000 years old. Well, lets just forget everything we have ever seen in a museum, forget how long the Chinese civilization has been around and while you are at it you can make yourself believe carbon dating is all a fake.

    Now this next part is kind of science fiction, but if what I said is true, then why not this?

    If God can create things with it's mind, then why can't we? True, our minds are not nearly large enough to do this, but if there was a way we could tap into Gods power, we would be extremely powerful beings. I believe this had already happened. The Egyptians, the Chinese, and probably the Greeks. The pyramids are to perfect for their ancient methods, it was created by something more powerful, and I doubt aliens. The Greeks, for example, had powerful gods, such as Thor. Thor can control lightning. What is lightning? Pure energy. What can control energy? In theory, a super intelligent mind.

    The key to tapping into this power is meditation. By opening your mind you can find the power and learn to use it, which is instantly because you are now directly linked with God. By smoking weed we our brain starts to open up more, conecting us with God, which conects us to everythig. I don't think weed can fully conect us, but lets say it can and form a religon around it.

    I am ending this right here, I have so much to say I could write a book on this. If you have questions I'll answer them.
  2. em... i thought that "God" was supposed to omnipotent? why would something be to complex for it?

    it does make me both laugh and cringe at the same time when people asume there has to be some "mind", "inteleigence" or some kind of thought process gone into making all this. once you understand a little bit of physics, and a little bit about chemistry you begin to see how this stuff just happens up from the very smallest level. and not the opposite as they beleive.... being controlled from the top.

  3. Good point. I was thinking about that too. Here is a better theory.

    It is like God is an artist, starting with a sketch (the cells) and then ends up with the finished product, which is the cat. Only there really is no finished product because the drawing keeps changing. It may seem like billions of years to us but to God time is nothing. So, in a way god is creating the cat. I really skip around a lot don't I?

    Being open to every possibility is what may solve our question for existence. I don't know what is the right answer. Is it solely religion? Can it be explained purely with science? Is it a mix of both?

  4. It ends right there....theories are nice when we want to "think" but if you accept God, Jah, the IAM thought of western God concept, then you hit a dead end. God is not an artist, God is OMNIPOTENT.
  5. God is the only one/thing that can save your ass from darkness. He is the light....
  6. Some of the things I've found are maybe that everything is energy. Universal Energy is a practice some follow, with the opening of Chakra's and what not. Watch Star Wars and K-Pax. Notice how the increase in technology coincides with the use of the Force. They talk of the Force in anicent histories, and yet their technology even then was great enough for interstellar travel.

    In K-Pax, Prot has harnessed the energy of light to travel. His "self" is advanced enough to take on the form of pure energy. He speaks of people healing themselves, mentally. And, of course, we know that we can heal ourselves mentally, and obviously physically through herbs(like those being cut down in South America so we can have rosewood for oboes and guitars), and maintaining these bodies physically.

    As Digit said, learn a little about Chemistry. I find it interesting how the elements are essentially identified by different amounts of numbers. Which can be broken down into 1's and 0's, our basic binary language. On and Off. Light and Dark.

    The Chinese talk of Yin and Yang, and others I'm sure have had similar ideas. A balance between light and dark. Good and Evil.

    Mankind, in this day and age, can finally walk in from the street to go and use the Internet and read books at his local public library, with essentialy all the knowledge in the world right there waiting for him. He can learn about any subject at the click of a house. And without paying one red cent. If those of us in some parts of the world are at that extreme, then hopefully soon, it will spread. As information spreads, and communication as well, the world becomes smaller and smaller, and we become close to our neighbors. Some of us can think like me, while others can't always add things up. Some, like my older sister who just graduated from high school is a firm believer that ignorance is bliss. I am very fortunate to see all the good and all the beauty in the world.

    When enough people can realize some of these things, mankind will start to grow out of Greed, Lust, etc. Or at least we can hope it will work that way. I mean, it's not that hard not to be greedy when you have certain societal conditions and environmental factors playing for you. And I don't mean that you're already rich. So when more and more people can get information, more and more people will evolve mentally. And then we will be able to harness powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

    As far as our Sweet Lady Cannabis, she is a 5th circuit drug(see Leary's 8 Circuits of Conscousness... at Erowid. Everything u wanna know is at Erowid), similar to deep meditation. The cannabis will alter your mind chemically as does the antidepressents i take for clinical depression. When the yogi meditates, perhaps that is altering chemicals, perhaps not. I am very young, and only know the amount I do because I have few friends, and am lonely, and depressed, so I seek knowledge on everything.... and i like to strum the geetar and play me drums :)

    One thing that I can tell you for certain about exsistence is Love. It is the most powerful of positive energies. It is perhaps the blinding light in the Christian heaven. Religion is used by people to educate those not fortunate enough to have as powerful and/or exercised minds. I never found much solice in it, but thats jsut me.

    Remember, of all the things you'll ever learn, the most important thing is Love. Spread love always and forever, and always follow The Golden Rule. What Would Jesus Do? He would love. Whether you're into Jesus, Budha, or your local preacher, the root that they are teachng is love.


  7. Well said...
  8. AMEN to that!!!

    Love is all we really need to survive.... :)
  9. I don't believe in the idea of there being one all knowing-all powerful man as god. This is by far the biggest pile of bullshit ever served to the human race.
    There are however, obvious forces at work.

    This is all I know.
    The cyclical nature of life intrigues me.
    what do you think...
    P.S. love is a good thing...
  10. Yes, one all-powerful and knowing entity, one "man" that is "God" does not seem likely, although as far as we know, we really are using only 10% of our brains. Maybe it's within our biological design to be able to comprehend the unknown forces of exsistence.

    But what's great, as Paul so wisely said "Let it be". Not speaking of ignorance, but rather of not worrying about the great beyond. Love and be loved. The Ten Commandments are a basic set of rules to live by. I am in no way preaching any religion, but you can use these simple rules, as they do make since to live by. Even the first one, which seems more like religion than spiriuality. But if you think about it, it is, in a way, just as the Christians have said at times, all encompasing. If we think of it as God being love, which even Chritians say "Jesus Is Love", then we should think, don't get so giddy and happy over material possession. Money, lust, etc. can overrun our lives. But if we put the God first, think firstly to love and spread kindness, then it makes some sense. The other 9 are to clarify.

    My dad, whom I know I can trust on these things, said that the Trinity as taught in Catholicism if not others, is also important. The Trinity is not something I have looked into a lot yet, because, hell, I'm only 16. It's been 2,000 since Jesus, "son" of God or not walked the Earth, and we still fall prey to the negative energies all around us. And the Trinity, I am told is a little bit more complicated than understanding love.

    I believe that spreading love and other positive energies will encourage our fellow humans to evolve spiritually at a quicker pace, even if it does take us several more eons. I believe that when we feel we are completely alone(not family, not friends, not a passer-by that will toss is a coin), we could always goto religious establishments perhaps, or soup kitchens. I'm sure their are places like these that can help the weariest of souls, who are convinced there is no love in the world, to once again be filled with the Holy Ghost.... Whoa, I just had an epiphnay!!!!! SWEET!!!! Maybe that's what the "Holy Spirit" means.

    So always remember that God loves us, in a sense that we are people too, and there is an outpouring of love that is all ours to soak in and live peacefully.

    When you are doubtful, remember, "Imagine", "Let it Be", "All You Need is Love".........

    Open up and love will fill you. It will. It's fun to be vengeful, to be bitchy, to feel that others aren't as good as us. And NEVER feel guilty when you do lash out at others, as we all do. But ALWAYS remember to love them. Love all and love always.
  11. I'm not sure what God is,
    but the "under God" has sure pissed a lot of people off.
  12. Yea. I like to believe that while our forefathers may not have had such a grasp of love, they felt that the basic concept of God is one that can help us.
  13. God accepts us just as we are, it's us that don't except him!

    Sometimes people think they have to be perfect and sinless, to be a christian. This task is impossible! We are flesh and blood and we live by the flesh, we respond to the physical environment around us.

    'God' is not flesh and blood....and the 'under god' is not flesh and blood. That's why we can't see them!!

    If you want to understand God and feel his divine power, feel his love over flow your heart, you have to ask him to fill you with the 'Holy Spirit'. It's that simple!!!!

    The 'Holy Spirit' lives inside of you and guides you, it's God's power and it can never be defeated. It gives you authority over the 'under god', if he pisses you off, them it's time to piss him off!
  14. i do not want to be too sceptical of course, but some of your remarks rose some additional questions...

    for exemple, the thingie that ended that God, or whatever entity we would call that way, creates the world as an "artist", beginning with the sketch etc, being a metaphor for the question about evolution, as of course first being asked by Darwin, almost 2 centuries ago, yes?
    You know why - simplified - Darwinism was as lethal to Katholicism (and all beliefs) as had fe. Copernic done or would modern chemistry and fysics as a whole do... It ended - again - a part of our views upon ourself. We were quite little. For an individual, there was no more 'greater purpose' - it would in fact, make us a carrier for the gene, and our lifes a nothing meaning part in a millions of yours lasting "battle of gene(pools)" - some anthropologist quoted that in fact, wanted not to harm his copyrights, but dno his name :D

    The essential killer in that idea btw, and the one now coming back in your 'god is an artist'-idea (of course it comes back in it, because it takes at least some part of reality in account), is that everything is coincidental. About 500 billion cells will be required to make your first mammal (~cat) - being a rat-like being, but you know that.
    That's not even taking apart our little hype-friends, the dino's and the big ice-agie mammals - a designers fault?
    And then us, humans. Wars would be useless. War for God? Laughable. But war just for the good? Would be too. Some look upon it as war being good for the human race as such, that it would destroy the 'weak parts'... No wonder 100 years after Darwin released his little book, someone "misinterpreted" some of those ideas, quite the hard way...
    And of course, we are still part of the sketch, not? We are not perfect (i guess) - so we shall evolve. That would mean at least hundreds of years... making all of our lifes again.. useless. Joy? Just a remark of course.

    another thing
    but if there was a way we could tap into Gods power, we would be extremely powerful beings. I believe this had already happened. The Egyptians, the Chinese, and probably the Greeks. The pyramids are to perfect for their ancient methods, it was created by something more powerful, and I doubt aliens. The Greeks, for example, had powerful gods, such as Thor. Thor can control lightning. What is lightning? Pure energy. What can control energy? In theory, a super intelligent mind

    Maybe i am slow, but let's do this line by line, maybe word by word.. You are saying some civilisations were able to "tap" into "Gods power"? Fine by me you say it about the Chinese, about whom my knowledge is too meager to properly defend its culture.., but you say if of the Egyptians?? AND the Greeks?
    And the pyramids are way too complicated too have been build by humans... Please explain complicated. As in triangular?
    And the Greeks had Gods, you say. Yes, quite right. But the weren't absolutely not called 'Thor'. Thor is a Scandinavian/German God, god of thunder indeed.. In dutch and german a day is called after him... hey look at that, also in English... The Greek God you mean is Zeus. Greek believe as such implied - always - a huge distant between the god and his/her subject. However, starting with the 'lower' Olympian gods (i.c. daughters & suns, as Aphrodite, Hermes,..) those distances could - on demand of the god - diminish. But this has (for the occasional mating-stories as an exception) never been so for the 'highest Olympian'. The mere idea his "powers" would be attaineble by someone, either an old greek or someone else or whomever living in this galaxy *remark: is everyone this new age nowadays?*.
    Neverthemind, you have a quite creative mind...
  15. If we all look to the similarities between the ancient religions we can see that one of the main objectives is to formulate a set of ethical guidelines to live by.
    These ethical guidelines serve as a benefical addition to a culture. If you look to these benefits they can all be boiled down to simple survival and of course reproduction.
    Biological evolution is not that much different from the evolution of religion or ethics. We evolve in the physical world to ensure that our bodies can go on. We evolve similarly through philosophical and religious perspectives to ensure a greater good for the whole(culture). It's the way the information affects our thought process which makes it so useful. None of it is truth, as nothing really is. The constucts we formulate through religious and philosophical discussions are ever changing to better serve a purpose-that purpose can only be understood by looking to the nature of life itself, and the dangers innate in human nature.
    p.s. love is still good

  16. The pyramids and The great wall of China are not hard to explain. They are not exceptional accomplishements when you consider the time they took to build and the man-power harnessed to do so(usually slave labor)-I could build stonehenge with what they had then-and so could you if you thought about it for a while.

    I don't want to sound cocky peeps- I just mean to say that after the initial awe inspiring haze has left the building you can see that great things can be accomplished by us-girls and guys-you'd be amazed at how things can seem decievingly more difficult when your not sure how to understand

    look at David Blane-he's not a warlock

  17. I agree, I very much doubt aliens all some god/godess used foreign powers to build these structures.

    The pyramids may have been built for another purpose other than tombs, but I guess it's hard for people to get permits to excvate the area etc. People have claimed there is a huge chamber 30f or more underneaf.

    Personally I would love to visit Egypt.....now that would be COOL!!

  18. Actually, the slave labor didn't do alot of the building in Eygpt.... the peole that built the pyramids were skilled craftsmen......actually it is a little more complicated than that.... basically, when someone was born into their culture, their "lot" of life was cast..... many young children were given over to the "teachers" of their culture.... namely, if you were to become a religious leader of your area, you studied from a very young age at the knee of the greatest religious leader of the time, learning everything he could teach you.... the same would apply to math, science, construction, surveying, literature, philosophy, ect. (The Hiram Key, 2001).

    There is my 2-cents.... :) I love discussions like this!

  19. Read about half of the first message and this junk is starting to make me believe even more there is no "god". Just thought I would post it, now on to read more, hell maybe I will change and will believe in god at the end!
  20. lost interest :( Onto this other god one, think its more interesting I have heard, no offense. But I believe that meditation might be the key to lots of weird shit, i wanna learn more, maybe will come back and read later

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