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  1. We answered, 8-10 weeks from start of flower are you srs bro?
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  2. Ok thanks as I was told autoflower is from germination and photos is from when you switch to 12/12
  3. When it said 8-10 weeks I knew full well they wouldn't be done it that time but I've heard on many different forums that 8-10 weeks flower with autoflower is when they have germinated not when they start flowering as they switch on Thier own
  4. @Spanish@rcher am I correct in saying that 8-10 weeks flowering is from germination with autoflower ?
  5. They're auto from the beginning but need to mature then when they reach that stage they automically flower. Also stress can make an auto re-veg and you then treat them like a photo and do 12/12 light schedule just thought id mention that aswell.
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  6. I didn't know you could re veg and do a 12/12 cycle thank you
  7. Yes mate but the recommended times are very rarely accurate.
    The strains I usually grow are advertised as 80-90 days and I can usually push it 49+ before I even see pistils. Average chop day of 110-120.
    There’s a hundred things that effect how long the take to finish.
    And when it comes to photos. they say 9 weeks bloom but generally speaking they go a week or 2 over because it takes a while to transition once the lights are flipped.
    I’ve had a couple strains take nearly 3 weeks of 12/12 to go into bloom. 14 weeks total on 12/12.
    Just your luck of the draw if you don’t properly investigate the beans .
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  8. The breeder will list either a FLOWERING TIME or FROM GERMINATION. Flowering time is from first pistil formation, which could be 18 days or 40 days and anywhere in between.


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  9. A re-vegged auto? I call bullshit mate. if it does that from a change in light schedules it’s not an auto. Hence why they’re called autos. Because light doesn’t effect them, they do it automatically.
    If it does react to 12/12 then it’s a photo.
    Cant bloom a photo under 18/6 but you can bloom an auto under 1/23 all the way upto 24/0.
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  10. Thanks all I was going off the 8-10 weeks flowering.
    They are 11 weeks old today from germination trics are cloudy/ milky with a little clear I'm going to chop them next week it's my first grow so I'm sure I'll learn and make mistakes
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  11. I meant it'll veg if damaged. Read my post again.
  12. I've had mine on 20/4 all the way through so a auto re-vegging is not true then
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  13. I did mate. Still says it’s only an auto unless you reveg it and then use 12/12 to flip it.
    Makes zero sense unless I’m missing something?
    I know how to make autos veg longer, do it all the time. It’s pretty easy if you’re not in soil. Got nothing to do with lights though and you 100% can not flip an auto with 12/12. If if goes at the same time it’s iether a coincidence or a photo.
  14. @Spanish@rcher I'm sticking with what I have read lol.
    I'm pretty sure my plants will be ready to chop by next week trics are cloudy / milky I don't want amber trics
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  15. My rule for harvesting in coco is when the ambers first show up, I start feeding water only. Takes about a week to get ppms down to near tap ppm (100ppm), then I harvest.

    In organically grown plants, there’s no flush, so I’ll harvest with about 10% Amber. This ensures most of the remaining 90% are cloudy, with very little clear. If you harvest with no amber, you’ll have 30% or more clear trichs and that’s no good

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  16. People have different views on it some people say that its better to harvest when they have clear and cloudy trics some prefer cloudy amber trics but mine are cloudy/milky right now I'm flushing for a week then harvest im using gh trio .
    2 plants a a very few amber trics
  17. The goal, for me at least, is the most cloudy trichs. That’s medicine. Clear hasn’t matured and amber has degraded into CBN. The method I described above is just the way to achieve the most cloudy trichs.

    This is a long read, but it explains the cycle and anatomy of a trichomes very well.

    Trichomes: The Complete Guide - Honest Marijuana

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  18. Thank you
  19. Like I said my trics are milky cloudy with the odd few clear 1 week flush then harvest
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