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  1. Hi guys I'm growing 6 blueberry kush auto and they say 8-10 weeks flowering.

    Is that from germination ? Or is it from when they start flowering so 8-10 weeks from then ?

    I need help
  2. thats from when they start flowering.

    also don't count on them actually finishing in 8-10 weeks, thats an estimate
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  3. I thought as it autoflower it's from when they have germinated ? And photos are from when they start flowering ?
  4. You are correct mate. Breeders times for autos are about as reliable as I am Spanish though. I’ve never even been close. Usually 3-4 weeks more.
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  5. It's just the one the of throwing me off its 10 weeks old from germ and all pistols are brown/orange and tricombs are cloudy
  6. Pics or it didnt happen.
  7. Lol

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  8. Looks nice, that's the whole plant?
  9. No that's not the whole plant that's just one is site
  10. One bud site sorry
  11. Its usually 8-10 weeks from start of flowering not from germination. Watch the trichomes etc and youll know when they're ready. Also sativa dominant can go 11-12 weeks so just wait it out if the plants not showing amber trichs.
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  12. But isn't autoflower 8-10 weeks from germination not from when they start flowering ? I've heard when you get amber trics isn't good ??
  13. you've had 3 people tell you that the 8-10 week flowering/harvest time is an estimate, and a poor estimate at best, by the seed companies.

    are you trying to figure out when your plant is flowering? like the title of your thread?

    or are you trying to figure out when to harvest?????

    go buy a jewellers loupe and stop guessing. and KNOW

  14. Sounds like that one is rdy
  15. Days and weeks are good to know for ur personal records and experiences with strains but as mentioned above you ultimately harvest by when the trichomes are rdy not the amount of time it’s been growing and or flowering
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  16. They are 11 weeks old today from germination but as far as I know photos 8-10 weeks flower means from the moment you change to 12/12 but autoflower 8-10 weeks is from germination. I have a loope I've checked trics they are cloudy I'm starting my flush today and harvest them in a week
  17. I know that but that wasn't my question
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  18. I know I harvest by the trics but that isn't my question. My question was is 8-10 weeks flowering with autoflower from germination
  19. I’d guess if it says flowering time or flowering cycle then day 1 flowering would be when the Pom Poms form. Very few plants will finish flowering in less then 8w
  20. Ya, last statement is correct. It’s dependent on breeder wording. I checked several from where I order from. Some say flowering cycle and flowering time while others say total cultivation time

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