What is fat sex like? I want details please.

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  1. Im. ~135 he needs to at least weigh more than me.
    None of this lifting fat rolls :eek: I may be shallow but fuck that
  2. It's like having 3 skinny people (ALL AT THE SAME TIME ....LIKE A BUNK BED)
  3. That is no where near chubby. She doesnt even have a pudge. Shes in great shape and shes kind of thick. Shes not even really all that thick.

    I prefer this body type... thin waist, thick hips, nice chest.





    still not chubby, just wonderfully thick and delicious!:D
  4. Imto sexy for my bod to sexy for my bod ohhhhhhhhhhhh........
    This was my old bf

  5. LMAO my old bf looked kind of like that too. hahaha
  6. ^wow, that is hard on the eyes

  7. lolololololoolololollololololo lmfao

  8. Omg will you stfu? Lol no one cares. Why r u so obsessed with constantly talking about youself throughout every thread on here? U seriously need a life hehe. But i know u already know that.

    P.s. sorry to all the peeps obsessed with grammar and puncuation but its really difficult and time consuming to type on this generic chinese $100 tablet.

  9. But she doesnt even have a waist or breasts.....r u sure u arent just homosexual?
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    1. Describe fat sex.
    Having sex while fat with a fatty is like having sex with jello. Everything jiggles. Things usually don't smell good, where they should smell good. Sweat stains everywhere... Fat flaps make things difficult, but you could also try fucking said fat flaps.
    2. 5" or smaller penis...
    It's the contrast between the size of your member to the size of your body. If you're thin and healthy you probably have better bloodflow to travel down to your junk.
    3. Butt sex.
    Dude when is butt sex ever hard? Just shove it in there. Don't fat people shit more? Technically they should have looser assholes. The goal of butt sex is to have poop on your weiner, right?:p
    4. Fat rolls.
    Yes you need to clean them. It gets sweaty in those flaps. Sweat stinks. Jesus, are you twelve? Oh I almost forgot the back boobs. Those are fun!!:hello:

    Moral of the story...


  11. Tie a 2x4 to your legs so you dont fall in
  12. This is the greatest thread.
  13. God damnit, i'm in my lecture class reading this and i'm super blazed. I keep laughing and making stupid faces.

    Here is what i've learned:
    Fat sex is like a bunk bed, or like jello
    Smells bad
    Flaps arent too much of a problem
  14. I'm glad this thread flourished.
  15. PHP:

    I second that!
  16. Get in my Belly

  17. Remember when you posted your fake ABS picture on the fitness section LOL!

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