What is fat sex like? I want details please.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by HxCurt, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. My friend is bigger, and when she describes her sex, it just seems like there's more.. maneuvering... and she can't really do too many positions because she gets sore/tired out a lot quicker.

    I don't think any flaps need to be held up, though. :laughing:
  2. I'm all squishy but hairy, and sweaty.
  3. It's normal sex. Only with roll's.
  4. And a very heavy person on top of you or below you that might break the bed.
  5. One of my first girlfriends in high school had some chub, like nothing disgusting or hanging down but there was just a little more meat on her bones. Fucked great. Had a lot of lips though :confused_2:
  6. NO !!! i when i was 15 i walked uptown to bang one of my ""friends". lol .. but she wasnt home , so i went to my other friends house [Fat] to get a cigg . and ended up fucking her .

    never again .
  7. Never fucked a fat person. I have fucked slightly chubby chicks and its good :)

    She was like this


    Just slightly chubby. Fucking a fat person is really a turn off for me. I like girls that look after themselves :)
  8. This thread delivers
  9. I been with one fat chick, pushing 320 probably.

    It was wetter then a lake and didn't have to do too much spreading besides her legs. Just threw a handful of flower at her crotch and aimed for the wetspot.

    she sucked me off real good though.. like she was eating a cupcake.
  10. [quote name='"JamestheFreak"']I just wanna be super strong so I can fulfill my dream of being a mountain man.[/quote]

    Just go for it and do some push ups every ounce and awhile

  11. LOL flour?
  12. She is not chubby. :poke:

  13. Like i said SLIGHTLY chubby.
  14. uh yeah she is... :poke:
    shes almost too fat for me to fuck.
  15. I completely disagree.
  16. Fat chicks give the best head.

  17. Sounds like he was being sarcastic.

    Again, sarcastic.
  18. [​IMG]

    What i call normal/fit. You can see why i said she was a little chubby compared to the picture above ^^^
  19. I'd prefer chub over that dude-stomach. Girl before wasn't even chubby *shrug*
  20. Again i like girls that look after themselves. Im a person that loves fitness so i need someone compatible with me :) I run 39 miles a week, i would love a girl that would want to do the same. My girl is a fitness freak just like me so im happy :) A person that love fitness wouldnt want a lazy fuck and vice versa.

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