What is fat sex like? I want details please.

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  1. So, a few questions for anyone that has experience. If you:

    a) are FAT
    b) Have sex with a fat person
    c) otherwise involve fatties with sexual encounters

    can you please describe to me what is different between fat sex and normal sex. Like, for really fat women, do you have to lift their FUPA to find their hole? (Either one).

    Also, if you are like 5" or under, are you out of luck when it comes to having fat sex?

    Also, is fat butt sex hard because of how fat the ass is?

    There is a breed of dogs with a lot of wrinkles and general chub rolls, you have to clean them a lot. Does this apply to fat sex?

  2. this is great lol. subbed for the info. im interested as well
  3. My first girlfriend was fat(and still is), and I was fat at the time. There's just more to grab on to and takes more strategizing haha. This was 5 years ago though. I haven't been with anymore fat people. I don't wish to be. We didn't have to lift any folds though. It was more like chubby sex.

  4. [​IMG]
  5. If I were to have sex I'd probably need some male enhancement otherwise I would have to use a strap on.

  6. I don't see how that's possible. If a fat broad is sitting on her ass with her legs spread, I feel like her nasty fat belly would be covering her pooch and even touching the floor.

    I bet she'd let out a bubbly fart in that position too. It'd sound like bwwooooOOOOPPP

  7. Every single time I see you post it is some self-degrading post about your penis size, and it makes me so happy I have a nice 7.5" penis.
  8. Hey I like my microscopic penis, its cute and adorable!
  9. is there some sort of joke here?

  10. I think he posted a pic of it at one time, a forum girl (molly420 im guessing) probably said that... and here we are.

    not much of a joke really, just something i noticed.

    we are OFF TOPIC!!

  11. When I have to move around big slabs of fat meat I'm thinking about BBQ, not sex...shivers
  12. I always had her laying back, and like i said "chubby sex." Her stomach wasn't big enough for all that haha. It just sounds like you don't like fat people.

  13. i could totally go for ribs, got the wicked munchizzles

  14. Well, I mean, if you're gonna be fat, you better have a cool personality.

    If you're fat and rude and or ugly or whatever, you're just fucked.

    But I'm picky with my broads, I like 'em size 0 and wearing BeBe.
  15. Man fat chicks need love too. An they can give you some love too. Only banged one but it was pretty enjoyable. Plus she could give good head lol.
  16. LOL you like sticks and twigs. What is your idea of fat? I think 115 to 140(with toned muscle) is ideal(for a girl). But those are my tastes.
  17. I hooked up with a fat chick really drunkenly one time. Naturally, I was having a hard time getting it up. I told her to suck my dick to get me up, then I just told her to keep going when she'd stop. I finished, then tried to put my flacid dick in her. Shrugged my shoulders and gave her a look that expressed, "oh well." and that was it. Ewww thanks for the memories.

    Now, slightly bigger girls, can be attractive to me without being way too plastered, so don't get your feelings hurt; however, there's a certain point that just the fact that you neglect your body that much is unattractive in and of itself. She was one of them.

  18. i wonder if anyone has ever fucked a belly roll

  19. I'm being serious.

  20. Thats really skinny... I'm 5'9" and about 155 and I have an hourglass shape
    But then again I'm an ex-athlete so there is still some muscle. I wonder what my BMI is...

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