What is everyone doing right now??

Discussion in 'General' started by joliver88, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I cant sleep so Im smoking a j watching old episodes of two and a half men... got some gold fish and a coke so Im good for some munchies later, Im enjoying myself even though Im tired
  2. Kind of obvious...Isn't it?:cool:
  3. bored as hell, out of bud, watching meet the fockers lol
  4. Smokein.. Watching MMA on tv.
  5. Drinking vodka skittles with a beer chaser. Watching a ron white comedy
  6. Watching Game of Thrones on my xbox thanks to HBO GO. Thinking of when I should buy some bud next.
  7. Listening to some red hot chili peppers...reflecting on the past year, being a useless fucking drug addict.
  8. im glad im not the only one being completely fucking useless right now
  9. hanging in bed with my cat, zoey, wandering the internet and writing cover letters.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. i am naked, idly touching himself while i was squidbillies.
  12. Watching Supernatural.
  13. Damn so many deep, emotional and weird posts in this thread lol. I'm just high and eating chips.
  14. Browsing forums with anticipation...
  15. Playing with myself.

    No, i'm on GC on my phone watching comedy central, drinking a sierra mist.
  16. Smokin a blunt, watchin Cosmos...Man Carl Sagan is smart:smoke:
  17. Just chilln and surfn the forums here.....kinda bored, can't fall asleep, and have a class to go to tomorrow =( It's all good though!
  18. Chillin out, tokin' a few bowls, rockin' some Sublime, eating cake.:smoke:

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