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what is entry level for being a "Seasoned Toker"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jul 4, 2002.


should there be an entry level imposed onto the seasoned tokers forum?

  1. once u reach age X (30?, 45?) you can gain entry to the seasoned tokers forum

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  2. once u have been smoking for X (1, 3, 5, 10, 15?) number of years u can gain entry to the seasoned t

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  3. one of the above, but with the option to have those whom are 'seasoned' voting in others fro

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  4. naaaah. keep it like it is... we don't wanna get bogged down in rules here... too much beurocrac

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  1. just wondered. because... maybe there should be some kind of entry level. this might be a silly thing to bring up because if it gets put in place i'll probably not make the grade and never be allowed to post in my fave part of the forum again.
  2. i thought seasoned just meant herbed up a little
  3. oh! i thought it was a polite way of saying mature, or experienced. like you've had a few seasons of being a toker...

    em super joint! can u tell me the real meaning?

    i think i've already done a post like this actually... long, long ago.... can't be bothered looking incase i turn up nothing.
  4. Yea Digit I think your right. It means you've toked for a while and have been around. I doubt any rules for 'admission' are ever going to be set but it wouldn't hurt. How would a person that just signs up for the board get in? Well... I think it should stay open (now that I think about it) even though I voted the third option.

  5. Hell yeah, Critter! Well smoked!

  6. are you really that anal?
    an well maybe if you had to aint
  7. HIGH All, it's when your motoring down the logging roads with a pussy (Wildcat Beer) between legs and rolling a reefer at the same time and not spilling any.

    That's a Seasoned Toker
  8. Now you see I am BY NO MEANS heavily seasoned. But I post here all the time. What are ya gonna do? [ [​IMG]what ever we like ha ha ha lol ha ha ha [​IMG]]critter
  9. i voted the length of smoking yrs, but really, i don't know. sometimes i get annoyed with "kids" being in here and talking shit. but what do i know? i would rather enjoy just talking to people who were mature with pot once in a while. some of the posts on grasscity make me embarassed for the person who wrote it.

    but don't ban "newbies" to the seasoned section!!!! you can't help when you discover the site. myself, i've been here maybe a month, but i've been smoking 13 yrs! see my point?
  10. Ive always considered seasoned tokers to be "the pros"...I never even considered the idea that it could mean "currently stoned", but I guess it could be either way... Id have to say seasoned tokers can come about in different ways, if they've been smoking for years, thats one way, if they smoke the same amount in one year than most do in all of their past years, thats another...I just think its different for everyone..its like puberty, theres no official age or exact moment when a light goes off and says..YOU HAVE BALL HAIR! it just happens...on its own a blossoming flower...ahhh

  11. i agree in terror as the guy in the picture is watching me lol
  12. Seasoned tokers>>>>>>>>>Experienced in the art of toking!!!

    Nuff said!
  13. Seasoned toked means you have toked and will toke again.


  14. i'd say a seasoned toker would be one that smokes at for a while and often. Like on days where others wouldn't (i.e. before work, on dates, goin outside, and shake and bakes) and a recreational one is one that smokes on friday nights, etc. eh, doesn't matter to me though, I jus post on both.

  15. Bud Head said it best! And NuBBiN's right, too. Age doesn't and shouldn't determine maturity level. I do think that this forum should expect a more mature level of discussion, and it does seem to maintain it often enough!

    Keep it as it is, age/smoking year limits will just end up looking elitist and/or causing problems, and I'm only 25 so I'd probably not qualify :D
  16. to be a seasoned toker..
    you should have at least smoked chronic for 2 years

    like every day for 2 years.. or at least smoked it on 730 different days..

    i know i have..


  17. I'm starting to think NuBs is actually turning into his avatar...

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