what is emerging from my spider plant ?

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  1. Hi all

    I have a spider plant I received as a gift
    It is 9 months
    something root-like emerged from the bulb
    I thought it was a mold
    but I removed some of soil and I saw it arises from the plant itself not from the soil
    Is this a beginning of a runner (stem)?

    or what is this ?

    by the way , my plant appears healthy , but the newest leave folded , what does this mean?

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  2. I'm not sure how you got all the way to the posting stage without recognizing that this forum is for MARIJUANA growers. I hope you find the answer to your questions though.
  3. IMO just looks like new growth but I could be wrong.
  4. Those will likely be the stems that baby spider plants sprout off of.
  5. (dembonez and walterbishop )thank you for help

    dawill1967 : I am sorry my english is not very good and I am a new gardener and I don't know the most of plants names

    that is why I didn't notice that , sorry for this mistake :)
  6. No need to apologize, I'm just letting you know there won't be much in the way of spider plant specifics here. It's not that kind of forum.
  7. OK maybe I will purchase MARIJUANA and share it with you :)
  8. Haha :) that response couldn't have been cooler!
  9. diggin the fact that someone doesn't know what marijuana is. I understand the no English part, but I feel like the word is recognized world-round. +1 for the innocent spider plant grower.
  10. haha awesome thread

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