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What is easier to roll?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuddhistBrian, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. What is easier to roll for you?
    Blunts or Joints?

    Personally Blunts are easier to roll for me because of the thicker paper and its already trying to get into a circular shape.
    :smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  2. blunts and tree wraps

    but i prefer to smoke joints
  3. i can roll some fine joints but have shitty blunts so joints
  4. I can roll decent joints but I roll shitty blunts
  5. blunts are easy cause you can fuck up and still fix it with the outer leaf.

    joints take some skill man.
  6. i roll damn good blunts, and some nice ass cones. Joints are def. more convenient to roll, but my blunts always come out nicer.
  7. i am better at rolling joints but thats only because ive rolled more of them. ive probably rolled 30 blunts so considering how few ive rolled then i would consider myself to be quite good at it:)
  8. i prefer joints but blunts are pretty easy to handle.
  9. Blunts are easier to roll but I enjoy joints more. That's just my opinion of course.
  10. I can twist up a nice J in like 30 seconds, but blunts usually take me a minute or two. J's definitely took longer to learn to roll than blunts though.
  11. Blunts all the way man! the nickname Bluntman cause i used to roll 7gram blunts on a daily basis.....thats a good way to only make $10 off an entire pound ;] hahhaha totally worth it though!

    i have bigger hands (work on cars and shit) so blunts are way easier to roll they fit my fingers better

  12. lol, so your hands grew because you work on cars?
  13. Duhhh, It's called adaption!
  14. ahahha no but if you look at a mechanics hands theyre definitely not gonna be as small as your wifes chinese nail lady:rolleyes: haha jk....but you get the point lol...working on cars were you cut and burn your hands and fingers all the time def makes them rougher and shit so its easier to just slap a blunt wrap in there and roll it so the glue just barely overlaps :smoke:
  15. i think joint are way easier for me to roll. i can roll a blunt but they arent to great.
  16. I can roll both, but i find blunts are my speacialty.

    I honed my skills in a 4 month period where i rolled a blunt, everynight. sometimes more.

    (friend came across some $$ & long story short we had herb for a whiille:])
  17. My jays never really stay lit even if it seems to be a perfect cone. Blunts are better IMO.
  18. Rolling too tight or too loose my man.
    Or possibly a bad grind job.

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