what is dxm like?

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  1. Exactly the title? any experiences? what are the visuals like in comparisin to LSD or mushrooms?
  2. Well it's a dissociative, not a psychedelic so open eye visuals are minimal to non-existent usually. Pretty much if you take a large enough dose you'll become disconnected from your body and/or forget that you even have a body or that there is an external world. This can lead to intricate closed eye visuals but they're usually not anything remarkable. People judge drugs by the visuals far too often when they're almost never the central focus of a drug experience.
  3. take 600 mg or it aint worth it. its fun. too fucking hard to type out right now though damn i cant think straight
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    its like the search button. i should neg rep you for not using it but im feeling nice.

    its similar to shrooms except youre disoriented, nauseous, and tend to be confused.
  5. i always get sick from it. i never had a fun trip
  6. whats your talon run the qtr in?
  7. 12's, bolt ons and bigger turbo. its a fast piece of shit, i hate it. hopefully i sell it soon and buy something nice.

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