What is considered a high concentration of CBD Oil?

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Is this a low or high concentration of CBD Oil?

  1. High

  2. Low

  3. Very High

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  1. Hello I hope everyone is having a good night! Please help me with the following question, I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!

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  2. It certainly seems to have that in mind...
  3. what do you mean =/
  4. looks like it's a high one to me but I'm not in the CBD game but I'll summon. @vostok he knows all this kinda shit
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  5. excuse my ignorance what would "11-1" mean>?
  6. Going to sleep, will read any replies when I wake up and thanks guys!
  7. Cbd-thc ratio , think that's how it works out
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  8. [​IMG]
    Is this a low or high concentration of CBD Oil? ...Neither,

    its a graphical representation of the ideal CBD/THC, that the breeder is trying to sell you
    and is total bullsh!t

    In most situations CBD users use the extract for medical reasons, so is vital that you or the user sees some peer review or LAB TEST, before parting with ur cash

    The only current guys who have this down pat are the established Dutch growers (imo) DinaFem and RQS

    as Nth 'merica has now gone legal with weed, while it was happening, the sneaky Dutch have been moving in

    other directions...including breeding out the CBD and others, for medical reason I should think ..lol

    and have done remarkable research into it ...so far

    other markets will and do follow, including the USA and Cuba maybe Mexico

    click the links to DinaFem and do note

    the CBN/THC ratios ...its all in the detail

    good luck

    Critical + Autoflowering CBD

    Amnesia Autoflowering CBD
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    I am glad you answered cause you definitely seem like you know your shit, I have a lot to learn. This are the lab tests, it is from a brand in Colombia. What do you think? High or low..

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