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What is chronic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. Ive heard people talk about chronic and how it really messes you up, and didnt know if its a blend or special strain, or just weed sprayed with something.
  2. Chronic is a term us younger people and some older people use for like "the best bud" if someone says they have chronic it usually means that they have really good bud...

  3. yeah... around here though it usually means the guy's got skunk or better... every now and then it's danks, but people with danks usually say they have KB to attract more people :)
  4. Lol... in england, you either have weed, or hash.

    Some people separate weed and skunk too, but I just say either weed or hash, and if it's good, I say so.

    You Americans have so many different names and shit :p
  5. chronic is just good shit.. some people use it to describe coke dusted bud as well
  6. where i am we call it to differnt kinds of chronic. West cost chronic is the really chronic strain and its really really good and east cost chronic is shit thats laced with coke and it really messes u up

  7. No kidding....I just call it weed....tho there is 2 categories....good shit and bad shit....
  8. actual CHRONIC is a strain i've had once and it is bomb

    but thanks particularly to Dr. DRE and his CD "The Chronic" it is also synonomous with really good weed

    it has been made a slang word for weed

    but if it's not really good you shouldn't call it chronic
  9. yea, chronic is rarely mentioned as a type of weed, but rather a class. anything that really good, usually goes by the term chronic

  10. Dr Dre made chronic famous
  11. Not to be confused with the bionic...
  12. Chronic is the shit that makes you think "Oh my god, i'm fuckin stoned!"
  13. ...weed is weeed is weeeeeeed...

    i go with pp on this one..good shit and bad shit.

  14. Snoop Dogg was the person that introduced Dre and everyone to The Chronic
  15. cheech and chong and snoop dog would be recognized before dre
  16. Here is Chronic... listen to it, and put some in the air....ahhhhhhhhhh... coughcoughcough.

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  17. where i live, chronic os heavy skunk laced with coke or crack! an its all gooooooood!

    This aint nuthin but a J thing baby
    Smoke an ounce then i go crazy
    marijuana is the stuff that saves me
    im the only smoker so dont try to phase me!

  18. pp??

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