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What is brick weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jawnski, May 10, 2010.

  1. So i got high for the first time friday. You may have read my "im so scared" post where i freaked the fuck out. Anyways, the stuff we got the dealer called "brick weed". At first i though he was going to give us hash, but no. There were 2 big buds with lots of orange hairs and some crystals visible. We paid 80$ for 4 grams, so 20 a gram. So, what exactly is brick weed, and did i overpay? I have about .3-.5 grams left if u guys need a picture, but its all broken up.
  2. sorry mann unless that was the dankest brick weed in the world u got jipped mann normally brik is lower quzlity too
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  3. what exactly is brick weed?
  4. Brick weed is usually schwag but that stuff you described sounds great, picture please!
  5. usually means it was shipped as a bail, or a brick. Means it was from Mexico; could be good hi but not quality bud.
  6. brick weed is the lowest quality weed... u shuld be gettin 5 bucks a gram
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  7. I've never heard of brick weed being as high quality as your stuff, lol, get a pic of that last 0.3 or whatever you have
  8. brick weed is dirt weed usually from Mexico - low quality... called "brick weed" because its usually all smushed into bricks for transport...

    and like hashstash said - unless that was some dank brick weed (which sounds like a total contradiction), you seriously got had.

    I don't even pay $20 a gram for top shelf bud. I'd get 1/4 for what you paid for an 1/8
  9. the wasnt in a brick form though, 2 full round buds.
  10. Brick weed is bud that was harvested and put into a mold that compressed it. This causes the finished dried bud to be compacted into a brick. Usually so that it can be smuggled in higher quantities and takes up less space when packing.
    This is some brick.


    This is generally the cheapest bud on earth. You should not be paying more than five bucks a gram. For me I can get brick for $40 an ounce but you won't catch me dead smokin that shit. The high is not the same... at all
  11. post a pic please

    I jsut got brick for 30 a quarter
  12. The rather frightening Hispanic Gentleman across the road has "brick weed", and it seems very dry and has a good deal of dirt in it. Looks rather like something from the expired spice dept. at Big Lots.
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    nug is correct about some of the brick. small citys are filled with brick and it is generally easier to smuggle and thats mainly how its done but the only thing i disagree with is some brick is actualy fire. the only way i could tell you if it was worth your money is to test it ahah. if you think it was worth the cash then dont worry about it. if you dont then try not to run into deals where people will get over on you.
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    Brick weed is usually swag/mids/regs/lowgrade.

    You can tell when the nugs are compressed. General term for brick weed is compressed flat weed. you will notice when nugs seem HUGE!!! but then pull it apart and it ends up being a bunch of other nugs all pressed into one block.

    Heres some brick weed/compressed.

    another bag.
    This is is not compressed/brick. Its heads/fire/dank. See the difference
  15. lol. thats about rite.
  16. bricks are usually made in Mexico for smuggling. If the weed is sticky enough it will be pressed together easily and then packaged otherwhise I have heard that Coca Cola has been used as a binder and the natural sugar works well and then packaged, although I am not entirely sure about that last one..
  17. i was thinking that's where it came from but i wasint sure so i did int post it. thanks for confirming my knowledge.
  18. duckyx, those pictures are spot on what we had. is it always bad weed if its brick?, or can it be good. about price, i live in very rural PA (farm after farm), so i think the prices would be a lot higher than cities like philly which is the closest city to me.
  19. Just as reference, here where I live it doesn't matter how dank the weed is, it's almost always $20.00 a gram so, this guy is just one lucky mofo! :p

    Brick weed is mid-low grade, you didn't get that had, I'd probably only have paid $65-70 just because I would've called the dealer out on selling me mid grade weed.

    Also, from your description is sounds nothing like brick weed so, who knows.
  20. My brother actually had dank brick haha. It wasn't real brick like that mexican shit though. It was headies just when it was getting shipped it got compressed pretty tight. Luckily i had a grinder, i'd put a little in there and after i'm done the things like full haha it was awesome. but yeah it was still great bud and it got me sooo high. :hello:

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