What is being stoned like to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Apstract, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. What is it like for you to be stoned?
    What do you experience?
    What do you feel... taste... smell...see...
  2. I just want to fuck everything.

    And eat.
  3. what do you see what is you vision like?
  4. I see fine lol, I like to wear my glasses though everything looks HD
  5. lol... now it s fine but when i was first getting stoned everything was... jittery...
  6. like on a web cam one...lagged...
  7. That would be such a buzzkill ahaha :smoke:
  8. For me stoned is normal. Now that whole being sober thing, don't even get me started on that shit. :rolleyes:
  9. i'm getting you started!... what's "normal" like?
  10. I just feel normal and do normal things but while im doing these odd end or everyday tasks im super stoned...so you know what doesnt kill you makes you stronger which is so true i found something on the ground i thought was like a peice of taffy so i ate it and it wasnt but now im like stronger then ever...
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    It slows down my thoughts, so that I only focus on one thing at a time. Then I proceed to analyze whatever I'm focusing on, whether it be a thought, a movie, GC, whatever. My body starts to get oozy. I usually have the taste of my weed lingering in my mouth/throat. My vision is normal, although sometimes I do get what me and my friends like to call HD vision, where everything just looks better. I don't really pay much attention to smells.. ever.

    Can you tell I'm stoned? :smoke:
  13. idk...

    i just want to....

  14. How do "you" feel Op?
  15. I get paranoid as shit... i have to be drunk most of the time otherwise it is un enjoyable... when im drunk it is like taking shrooms... cause I am schizo...i guess
  16. i feel calm...relaxed...chilled
  17. @ Apstract

    Nah you either smoke to much, think to much, or have an anxiety disorder no biggie..just look into meditation if you really want to smoke bud and have a good experience.

    As for me I usually smoke when I'm drunk to? :cool:

    But I can handle my bud...back in the day though I used to get anxious all the time when I smoked but as I smoked more and more I started to "understand" the nature of being high and now I can smoke and be pretty chill as long as I know what i'm gettin myself into (if I plan to get really really or buzzed, etc)
  18. no man i smoked back in the day alot and it was great... but I have schizophrenia literally... and smokin dope for me is like doing acid... it really trips me out so i just do a small amount now when i do it and it gets me at that right high...
  19. Is it bad to think? I would say yes if you're thinking about things that do not help you enjoy your life in some way. But if it's creating, or improving something, is that bad? :smoke:
  20. I get pretty spontaneous, I have a natural "I don't give a fuck" attitude, but when I'm high it really shines lmao. Oh, and I also talk a lot which bothers most people.

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