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What is "Arizona" weed??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by crazycraka, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. I just ran out of my supply and a friend told me that he can get me "Arizona" for 200 an Oz or regs for 60/oz..

    This is the first time I ever heard of Arizona so I dunno wtf it is..

    Is it a strain? haze? kush? Or is it actually shit from Arizona? No idea.. But for 200 its gotta be fire.. BTW I live in florida..
  2. I did a bit of googling, and I found a few people that said its Hydro, sum1 else said high grade mids, another one said AZ Kush..
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    As far as i remember, People do grow in northern Arizona (flagstaff). but its really not known for its quality! mostly mids...
    maybe they have made some achievements, and came up with their own strain... Im no expert but i would be careful paying that money.

    btw, if he is asking for $200, it doesn't mean its good stuff. Plus if you dont really care about what strain your are smoking, then check it out and see of its any good before buying...
  4. Yeah Im definitely gunna check it out b4 I decide to buy.. But I just wanted to see if anyone had any info or pics before I checked it out..

  5. Ok, i just did lots of search, and looked at a few lists of leged strains, and Arizona is not the name of a strain. unless its pre new and has not made it in those lists yet.
  6. one of my old dealers would have some "A.Z." on a regular basis as mids as a upgrade on the swag he would sell

    prices were

    regs$60 an O for me $80 most people
    AZ$80 an O me $100 most ppls
  7. in my experience i'd say that just means good outdoors. whenever someone told me it was "zonas" without the ari it was some nice fluffy outdoors. not the best but no seeds and it craps on schwag. don't pay more than 15 for a g, 50 for an eighth or 90 for a quarter or you're prob gettin ripped.
  8. I have heard that Arizona is high mids - beaster grade bud.
  9. From my experiences "Arizona" has always been super fire mids with few seeds and nice nuggets. Usually has a darker green color and definitely worth the price. I used to get it for $150-$175/oz in Atlanta.
  10. Man if AZ is just mids how does Regs go for 60/oz and mids go for 200/oz? Does that sound right??
  11. it is its own kind of dro thats very abundant in az i know this cause i was in AZ for 5 days

  12. regs are 80 and mids are 120 and weeds pricey around here.
  13. Im not talkin about actually going to Arizona. Im talking about weed thats called Arizona here in Florida.. ;)
  14. i think the name is made up,also i can't understand where or why someone would give weed that name
    we've had it in new york before
    ussually just some really good mids
    160$ the most
    just get a 1/4 for 50
    don't play yourself
  15. Have you ever been to flagstaff? If not I wouldnt knock its weed. I was up at NAU for a year before I transfered out. Some of the best weed ive ever smoked came from some local growers.

    When you buy, never had the money over until you have the bud in your hand. Look at it, investigate it, smell it, see if its worth the money. You dont have to buy it if your looking for something different.
  16. Typically made up names for bud do not travel all over the nation with the same connotations. Good try though.:hello:
  17. you are absolutley right ^^^^^^^^
    they only talk about AZ or arizona,which is not dank or chronic or headies
    its mids
    all over the united states
    certainly does not travel well
    nice try though!
  18. Well in NYC, Ari or Arizona is just midz with less seeds and it doesnt look like Bobby Brown type of weed. I've had Fire Ari which is Ari with ALOT of hairs all over. Then i've had low quality Ari grown outdoors.. It reminded me of swuag... Then i changed to Haze and Sour D.... I spend no more then 100 an ounce.. Ari is good when you have alot of people over chillin and you dont want to put up SHIT WEED but not that piff-a-roonie so you stick with ARI!!.... also for some reason the dealers i got ARI from sold me about 2-3.5 grams in a dime.. so.. lol..
  19. Actually yeah... I have to disagree with you...

    "Arizona" is a name dealers slap on bud to make it sound more exotic so that people will be more inclined to buy it.

    Other common names people slap on weed when they have no clue where it came from:

    "Cali Buds"

    ...Catch my drift?

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