What Is A Vaping Experience Like?

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  1. My question is what is vaping like? How does the high compare to other methods, as far as the feeling and how long it takes to feel the effects? How much do you normally smoke? And is it possible to get super high?
    What does vaping taste like? Is there a huge difference from vaping tincture and wax itself as far as taste? I'm guessing vaping wax might smell more than tincture.
    I'm planning on getting a Gentleman's Brand pen.

  2. It's a much more clear, focused head high I find. Deffinately not couch lock. You feel the effects in about the same amount of time as smoking. And yes, it is very possible to get very high.
  3. The high varies, the amount of time it takes to feel it, and the taste are all dependent on the temperature you vaporize at what vaporizer you use. Personally I can feel higher off one hit of vapor than one of smoke, but that is all dependent on how you vaporize and how you smoke. With my DBV set up at high temp and running the vapor through my bong I can get single hits that put me on my ass the same way a huge bong hit of smoke would and it usually tastes close to what the bud smelt like.
  4. I like it better honestly, granted I vape with concentrates out of a 14 inch bong, but I get dabbbbed out.  I've passed out with my bong in one hand and my Atmos in the other.
  5. Wait. You guys are telling me you guys vape a pen through a bong? Sick.
    In your guys' opinions, is wax/vaping more or less expensive than flower?
  6. I'm just reallly digging the stealth aspect of it. i can vape in the house and at work as well as everywhere else  :metal:
    muchchchchchch cheaper
    I am working on getting a pen vape and I have a handheld unit myself
    Pen vape goes with me everywhere and is for solo vaping. The arizer is for out and about with frineds kind of thing
    seriously! So legit!
  8. Yes, it makes the person using it just as high as smoking. Difference is smoking burns the product faster and maybe more smoke gets in quicker. With vaporizing you can inhale many times depending on how big is the vaporizer and how much you draw. In my case I take three to four inhales from Launch Box and there is still more left.

    Good thing with this is virtually no coughing, I can actually smell and taste the different herbs and their unique smells. It is not like smelling actual buds, but still a distinct flavor is present. There is more left.
    then there are the vaped leftovers which can be used to cook or make tea.
  9. That's great. I really like the tasting/smelling aspect of it. That's one of the great things about our wonderful flower.
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    I have been using the Vapor5 Digital for the last 2 years, and love it. Not only does my medicine last longer, but yo really get the taste from your buds.  And in my opinion the high sems more inrense and lasts longer.....gotta give the inventers of these machines a BIG THUMBS UP.
  11. I vape with the Pax..
    The way I broke it down was;

    Smoking; Cloudy Judgment, semi-retardation. Extremely fun and trippy high.

    Vaping; clear minded, deep thoughts, energetic, whatever other adjective covers easy to do everything normally. But you're still veryyyy baked
  12. Yea, vaporizing can provide three times the high than that of smoking. Meaning, since it does not burn up first time it allows to keep pulling up to as many times as one wants until no high comes out, and it keeps coming out long after flavor is gone.

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