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What IS a seasoned toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. I am now 22, been smokin since around 15. YES i smoked weed before I lost my virginity. Anyways, I have a good friend who was introduced to weed by stealin from a dealer he lives wit. Now I got the years on me, but he's basically been smokin daily for the last year he's lived with him.

    Now, that got me thinkin during one of our high discussions, who is more seasoned woth the GANJA? the years or the daily whatever?

    man, i am high
  2. Well, clearly I, Daniel am a seasoned toker.


    Well, I think "seasoned" just means that you are experienced, whether this means you've been smoking for a long time, or you've just smoked A LOT..... I think both apply for me.

    Thus, making me, a seasoned toker.

  3. seasoned tokers, i think, mean the tokers who have had experience and, well, the novelty has worn off... as in, you don't sit down and giggle and look around nervously before partaking, and wondering what will happen if you smoke a little more than the first time, etc.

    but personally for me, even after all my years of toking, i don't think the novelty will EVER wear off. there's nothing like looking forward to that big phatty bowl after a miserable day at work!

    but i'd definitely put you in the category of seasoned toker, 7 years, yeah that's enough lol!

  4. I may be new here.... but a "seasoned toker"... FOR SURE!

    To me it means...

    1- You can handle your shit. No hackin' til you puke. No freakin' out... it's weed man, not acid... No uncontrollable laughing like you're some twelve year old girl.

    2- You know the difference between "bunk" and "bomb".

    3- You out smoke just about everybody you know.

    4- You've got so many weed stories, you can't even tell 'em all.

    5- You've used a whole pack of rollies on one joint.

    6- You've been smoking so long, you can't really remember when you didn't smoke weed.

    7- No matter who, what, where, when, why or how.. if a doobie comes your way... it's on!

    8- You've been in a hot box that was so thick you couldn't light a lighter any more, because there wasn't even enough air left at least once.

    9- You can make a bong or pipe outta anything.

    10- Ummm... what were we talkin' about again???

    There's more... but I'd say, if you can answer "yes" to all of could consider yourself a seasoned toker.
  5. Right on man! I couldn't have said it

  6. hmm.. i wonder what percentage of blades who post in here are ACTUALLY seasoned tokers. makes you wonder..
  7. hehe... It's easy to be an "internet tough guy". Anyone can CLAIM that they are a "seasoned toker", but I generally find, as in real life, it's pretty easy to spot a fake if you're for real.
  8. i think just means you know whut your doing, when you know how to use every smoking device ever made your probably a seasoned toker.
  9. Yeah...

    Personally... I consider myself to be a seasond smoker and a bit of a connoisseur. I know a good deal about weed, except about growing, which is the main reason I came across this site. I wanna start up a low budget, low heat bag, small, just basically for personal set up. I'm thinking 3-5 plants, in a closet/cupboard/fridge, organic, cheap, simple, safe. I figure, if I can get started like this, I'll gradually move up to a still small set up, but keep improving the variety of herbs as well as the setup. I'll appreciate any help that anyone can lend in regards to this.
  10. IMHO a seasoned toker is just a mature individual with lots of past experiences regarding bud and also treats bud in a mature fashion.

  11. i dunno about this..i consider myself a "seasoned toker" but damn i love laughing my ass off like a twelve year old girl sometimes!!! hehe
  12. true true.. shit, I'll be a Toyz R us kid 'til the day I die. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that. I WISH I still got high like I used to...
  13. Seasoned Toker can mean alot of things. IMO I'd say if you smoked a while and you know what you are doing. You have experience under your belt so to speeak!
  14. A seasoned toker is well toasted.

    I've just been doing this for so long now and it's part of me and my lifestyle so I think I am definitely a seasoned toker. Well, I know I am.
  15. A seasoned toker for me is someone thats been smoking for at least a year, and knows his weed. Also added to my way of view is someone that smokes on a daily basis, like a few times a week. Lastly, for a lil more hardcore, someone that tends to smoke whenever possible, even if it means smoking alone. Thats me right there, cept change a few times a week to everyday.

  16. thats me right there, but change it to 3 times a day, and even if it means smoking alone to 'smokes alone tons' :D

    in fact, im smoking right now :) :)
  17. hell yes, that was me durign school. i would smoke so much. but damn suburbs is hard tryping is hard while drunk
  18. i think what your saying zia is more toward expieriance. Basically, i wouldn't say a seasoned toker is the most expierianced. in this situation, its more like how much does weed impact you daily, rather then how many years you've been smoking. Id be a seasoned smoker, even though its been for a few years, yet i've been doing it more then the average smoker.

  19. i don't really have anything to say, but i agree with ganjaphish. i guess a season toker is like a seasoned drinker - able to handle your shit responsibly, and able to consume more than what's normal for a "normal" or "unseasoned" toker.

    the novelty NEVER wears off - no matter how much or how often you smoke. it is a way of life.
  20. true true, weird how that feeling came over us a few months ago. my friend was like, "Its not the same feeling as before, but now it feels natural". Thats how i feel now. It ain't like a big thing anymore, but more like the daily grind.

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