What is a really easy strain to grow w/o many fancy nutes, poss even none

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  1. Im going to try and do my first grow and I was wondering what strain from wwms I could use that is easy to maintain and would not need many, if any at all, nutrients. It would be great to grow with just water and sunshine. And also, what is the easier type to grow aside from autos or ruderallis, Indica or Sativa?
  2. Doesn't exist, but check out the organics section if you want some info about why it wouldn't work and what you need to grow a healthy plant.
  3. Northern Lights Auto. But you have to research everything from a thermometer to the lights! Start reading Good Luck

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    I think you should rethink your thinking and ask what is easiest mix to make up that will grow any cannabis plant because like Fullmeltalchemist said you won't have any luck growing a great producing plant thinking a plants genetics alone will produce a great producing plant. Don't get me wrong, you can just throw some beans in the ground at the start of summer and come back in the middle of fall, but your harvest will be greatly lacking if you don't give your plants the nutrients that they need. Yes, nature can provide those nutrients, but seeing you are asking the question you are asking tells me you wouldn't know what to look for when trying to determine where to plant your plants so that their natural growing environment alone can produce a rich harvest.
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  5. Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners
    Build a reasonably good soil and you won't have to do much besides water..
    Indica = shorter, faster, sleeper stone
    Sativa = huge, sparse buds, uplifting stone, needs forever to finish..
    Plant seeds May first.. Start spraying for caterpillars when the buds get thumb sized with BT every week.. Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew..
    Harvest before the first frost..
    Done deal.. LOL

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  6. Ok cool im going to do some research im thinkin im going to do an indica strain maybe do a simple organic mixture. I will admit ive tried doing this before and failed I have some beginner knowledge on growing but have deffinitly forgot a lot because its been a while since ive read or studied marijuana horticulture. My dream strain to grow would be DP blueberry, im going to check and see if it's an indica or hybrid or sativa, but that would be a Bet if I could get that done this year.
  7. I agree with the auto northern lights suggestion. Gave me no problems.

    210glxe.jpg 34hwh9f.jpg 006 (800x600).jpg

    I would suggest putting a lot of time and effort into using the best organic soil available to you. Whether that means a good local brand that only needs extra perlite, or mixing your own from scratch.

    I feed my plants once a month and never have to check ph.
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  8. Wait, sativas grow better outdoors though right?
  9. those look great! but youre growing them indoors I really want a strain that would thrive outdoors with minimum attention you know what I mean
  10. I'm a total beginner, but I watched this video earlier today that OP might be interested in. The guy in the vid tossed a random seed in plain dirt and let the sprinkler system worry about, and it grew to a decent size (I think) for a plant that wasn't tended to at all and wasn't given any nutrients or special soil.

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