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what is a point of a grinder

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toke_da_buddha, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. what is a point of a grinder. i know it grinds weed up but is there a reason to grind weed up or do people just do it because they like it broken up
  2. You break it up for joints and blunts etc.
  3. You can't exactly roll blunts with giant nugs...

    Grinders are really helpful for breaking up weed quickly, and getting it to a nice and even consistecy. Breaking up bud with your hands sucks a becase a) it takes forever, b) if it's hairy bud then you will get a ton all over your fingers, making your hands sticky as hell

    Also, if you have a pollen catcher in your grinder you can collect kief and smoke it later. Smoking pure kief gets you ridiculously blazed
  4. Yeah , you have to grind up weed to roll a joint or blunt man. Can't roll a joint with huge buds and stems and junk.
  5. 1. when you touch the weed with your fingers you lose THC and you get all sticky
    2. makes it sooo much faster
    3. if you get a nice grinder, you collect kief, making everyone's day that much better
  6. Much faster than fingers/scissors.
    Break it up mostly when you wanna roll it, but some like to puff on ground weed in glass pieces too
  7. sometimes easier to roll joints with grinded up weed. all the kief (sp?) you collect at the bottom is nice too.
  8. yea man, like when ya get bud in nuggets ya really cant smoke them like that. you break them up so they smoke better and correctly and ya can pack or light em up bro.
  9. It's easier to break up your bud with a grinder. It doesnt get your hands sticky and smelly and the grinder should collect keif which you can sprinkle onto your bowls, joints and blunts, etc.

    Bud usually vaporizes more easily if you grind it up with a grinder too.
  10. It's faster and less annoying to grind weed up with a grinder.

    Plus if you get a kiefcatcher you don't lose as much kief.
  11. I can't imagine not having one. It's a necessary tool.
  12. whats this guy sayin whats the point of havin a grinder? get one an you'll realize how efficient they r
  13. mostly used for joints, but u can use for bowls too, its just so much easier and faster worth just buying one for 5-10$
  14. I enjoy a bowl of finely grounded herb way more than i enjoy large chunks of herb.

  15. I second that lol and if you have a four piece grinder you get a ton of kief.
  16. I never understood the need either till I got a vaporizer :smoke:
  17. I love my grinder. I use it ever time and all the time. Smoking little bits of nugs. doesnt smoke well. and smokes crappy and doesnt cherry very good.

    Use a grinder to make it all nice and even pieces. cherries better. Smokes better. And can Just be a better high.
  18. Im like mi mane dat pastd this idsee whats the big deal i mean yea the keif or whateva but dats bout it. Grinder make mi bud 2 shakie n is hard to manage wen rollin up like in a car or sum confinded space (i.e. work place bathroom). So i stick to mi god given finger n keep breakin em dwn the old fashin way. N um sum of da purps n exotics i get are on the stupid sticky side so idtink dat wud b gud wit a grinder but idk let me knw sum...:smoke:
  19. hahaha whatever works man :bongin:
  20. You mean you could actually read that? I gave up after about two seconds. Maybe I need to get stony first and try it again :D

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