What is a job you would never want to work at and why?

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  1. I would dread working at a fast food or retail place just because of the chances of encountering rude customers/staff.

  2. I was a roofer for 2 days. I would hate to be a roofer. Electrician, carpenter, even cement work. I hate roofing.
  3. wouldn't want to be the guy that has to suck start the manual siphoning of backed up septic tanks...or the person that has to clean the septic tanks out by hand...
  4. Second this, I've done all those things pretty much, especially cement and that shit sucks.  It's hard work and it gets really repetitive, it's what my dad does though, and has for like 30 years, props to him.
    I would absolutely never do that crab fishing, it looks terrible.  Stay up for a day straight in freezing as rain and spray, and have a huge risk to get hurt or killed.
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    Desk job, call center job, fast food, CNA, any nasty job. I would be an EMT though.
  6. Collections and sales, two of my least favorite.
  7. Sex abuser counselor.. Should be self explanatory .. I just don't have any mercy for those demented animals that molest children
  8. A fluffer...
    Google it.
  9. Prostitution, sounds like it would suck dick.. Happy toking ✌️
  10. I would very much not enjoy working a camp job, doing some sort of mining whether it be above ground or below. 
  11. Love the sig! Haha a queer quote like that is priceless
  12. I refuse to work a desk job.
  13. Funny you should say that lol, I am going to school to be an electrician 
  14. No working in fast food is great. I love rude customers. I just smile obnoxiously at them and wish them well....and it makes them SO FUCKING MAD. It's hilarious dude. Sometimes they want to speak to my supervisor. I just grin and say "I'm the assistant manager, what can I do for you?" (we don't actually have a GM on sight pretty much ever; I run the store) and watch as they tantrum spectacularly out the door.
    Fast food is a great place for a natural born troll. Of course, I probably wouldn't feel that was if I wasn't more or less the boss....
  15. septic tank pumper..
    septic tank pumper.
  16. ...I've done a lot of roofing and I love it. :smoke:

    I'd never want to work a desk job. I'm not cut out for that.
  17. sewage treatment worker or someone who works in any animal barn, fucking gnasty. come home smelling like shit everyday so bad you have to take your clothes off in the garage.
  18. a waitress. never been and would never because im too quiet and fuck all that talking and being all upbeat bs just to get tips.
    working commission. i've worked retail commission before and just the pressure to force someone to buy something is stupid and dishonest. i'll never work commission ever again
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    I couldn't work in a morgue
    or be the person to see/clean up crime scenes.
    I can deal with a lot of annoying jobs if I had to, but I don't think I could stand being around dead people.
  20. Haha that is true now that I think about it... but I don't have the patience to deal with ignorant customers/people and I like to get work done without any hassle.

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