What is a good glass to use for an air cooled reflector?

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  1. I'm wondering what is easy to obtain, what kind of glass will absorb the least light and still be decently strong? I need it to be 17 1/2" by 24" if that helps :)
  2. I would use any window pain glass that is not tinted. You can tell by looking closely in the corner for the etching to see if it was and I believe lowes and Home Depot or glass stores can cut the exact size you need
  3. Thanks man, I didn't know Lowe's did that
  4. A DIY air cooled reflector would be best made out of Pyrex, or Boroscilicate glass. These types of glass are sturdier, more heat resistant, and also don't block the UV rays like normal window pane glass does. You would not be getting the most of your light if you just went with regular glass.

    At the very least get tempered glass because it won't heat up as quick.
  5. Yep I would check glass store first though. A lot of the time they have spare pieces like a door that broke and they could cut you the piece out of it and sell it for cheap
  6. False. You want tempered glass. Don't settle for less. Your glass will break otherwise.
  7. Even for a Cfl setup I need tempered?
  8. Why would you need glass for a cfl setup?
  9. To make a Cfl cool tube. In a small space it gets hot. Is there anything wrong with using plexiglass?
  10. Just find hurricane glass or pyrex. Hurricane glass is used for candles.. so a light won't break it. You can find these at arts and craft stores, wal mart anywhere with candles really. It won't break. I use a 150 watt hps in mine. They come in all different sizes.

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  11. Sounds to me like you need more ventilation, and not a hood/tube.

    You want a 2' x 1.5' piece of glass. There is no reason CFL's should heat a space that big so hot that you need a tube/hood. People use CFL's inside MUCH smaller spaces than that without using hoods/tubes - like PC cases

    But, yes you want tempered glass. I made my tube out of those pyrex bake-a-rounds posted above. Cost me $20, free shipping. Cheaper than any sheet of glass/plexi you'll get at the home depot.
  12. my space is 20 cubic feet and if i leave the door closed even with the 70cfm exaust at the top it gets up to 85 pretty damn quick... so yeah, I do need more exaust, so i figured i would make a cool tube with the 6 inch inline fan i just bought. Reason being is that i plan on having almost 300 watts of cfls in there, and it will get very hot. That's the best idea i have come up with to solve my issue, and I haven't seen anyone do it yet so I'm gonna try to find some glass tomorrow... Hopefully everything will still be open
  13. Gotcha.

    I say try running that 6" inline without any glass, haha. That is going to be a massive amount of air flow, you'll probably want to invest in a speed controller ($20) and dial it back a bit.

    You got 20 cu ft, and are going to be pulling roughly 400 CFM through there. That's 20 air exchanges per minute before adding a scrubber.
  14. It's only a 160 cfm el cheapo plus the 70.. that's if they don't fight each other.. I'm gonna try the inline alone first to avoid cutting another hole.

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