What is a good getaway for a six&four year old?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by letsmokeasweet, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Hey I'm trying to think of some things to do for the kids this summer. What do y'all think would be a cool thing to do outside?
    I was thinking maybe a camping trip and another trip somrwhere for thrm to build sandcastles. Any ideas would be welcome im not a great parent like some of those out there that seems to know everything kid related lol never had that growing up. I was thinking a season pass to the water park???
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  2. Go to the beach. Family fun paradise.
  3. Camping, water park like you said, bike rides, visit a new city and do an activity there. Just giving them your time man, that's the biggest thing.

    Ask them as well, frame it in a good way so they don't jump to "DISNEYLAND" lol
  4. Lol. Well we already told them we are going to go to Disney world......unfortunitly that probaly won't be for a couple years until they are big enough to ride the rides....
  5. It is a big world out there and I have no idea what there is...
  6. Some of my fondest memories around that age are fishing. Ill be honest its totally exhausting as a parent (untangling lines, being wary of drops) but its fairly inexpensive if your just going for panfish and theres plenty of subliminal lessons being taught

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  7. Camping at a park with a lake or stream best time.

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  8. Hmm the aquarium I use to love that when I was little.

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  9. Where are you? I grew up in California so we always went camping at the beach. Everything was there. Hiking, fishing, swimming, surfing and campfires with all kinds of happy treats.
  10. Burger King play area. I live in a legit white trash trailer but they are black.

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  11. We always bring the kids to bk or mcds play areas. They love going for a little bit. There is one we go to sometimes that ALWAYS has drama...I wrote a post about one of those times lol
  12. Man I loved camping on the beach. We would go to north padre national seashore. Sadly last time I went we had a bad experience and it kind of ruined the spot. But yea I like that idea. My dad took us camping on mrytle beach ones....plenty of happy memories...
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  13. North padre is the best beach in Texas by far. [​IMG]

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  14. It is. I'm glad it's closer to me then
  15. It is. I'm glad it is closer to me then south padre. Unfortunity Galveston is the closest one to me. Know something better?

  16. Same here, Galveston is always so nasty and just stinks. But the only other place I can think of would be lake Conroe went camping there it wasn't bad, or if you drive a little further and go to the river it's always fun and fishing isn't bad there plus the rope swings are great.

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  17. Can you send me some links for lake conroe camping? Whenever I Google it I never find anything good. I love the Guadalupe river and the frio was even better.

  18. Lego land or Disneyworld
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  19. Camping would be a good idea, great bonding time for kids and parent (s).

    My father used to take us on camping trips, but only during epic weather, like storms...
    We've drivin above the storm before, scary but cool at the same time.
    Still reminisce those times.

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