What is a good degree for creating a dispensary or farm?

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  1. I want to look at starting my own farm and dispensary for cannabis. I don't necassarily think I need to go to school, but mayeb it would help? If so what would be the best degree for that? A business degree? Thanks.
  2. you should probably do some business stuff too cuz running a dispensary is pretty fucked lots of paperwork and business shit to do. do both agiculture and business then you'll be set in both sides of the game
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  3. Botany, biotech, general microbiology, and business degrees is what you're looking for
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  4. With maybe a little foray into the world of law, just so you can understand enough of the legalese to know exactly where you stand legally. Or atleast so you'll have a decent grip on when it's really going over your head and you need to get a lawyer involved.
    It's the things you didn't know that you don't know that get you in the end.
  5. Get yourself a lawyer, trust worthy accountant, and a steady supply of medicine, don't forget about the hundreds of thousands in cash you will need to get started just for a license depending on where you're. Much easier now in a legal state. We are gearing towards a CCC in 2018, I didn't graduate college for a career in Cannabis but it does help, it provides that extra knowledge and know how to do it on your own which can save you money. In reality you really dont need an college education, so many guys it here with farms, no schooling, doing very well. Money is what you need.

    It's really as simple as starting a legal farm and vending your product legally. I started with a small plot turned it into three, and some. Don't think you'll go to school grab a degree and run a farm by yourself, without a lawyer IMO you're fucked, unless business/law is going to be your main focus, you really need someone looking over that paperwork while you focus on the meds. All the power to you if you can handle accounting, law, and growing at once. I can't stress enough in paperwork and not making a SINGLE mistake on any of it, there will constantly be a bunch. :smoke:

    Good luck.
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  6. How much does it take to open up your own farm? You seem very knowledgeable with this. Can you break down the price for me?
  7. I dont know about a degree, its just growing a plant but Business Management and Book keeping skills would be the main ones.
    Growing would be the easy part. Financing the licencing and set up costs would be the hardest part.
    Make sure you have a Lawyer on call that specializes in Cannabis law and a good accountant. Also have a plan to know what you will do with any profits (if any). With the falling prices and the amount of labor involved it would not be an easy game.
  8. this depends alot on the state your in,can go into millions watch the profit mary jane one came out last week.
    to break it down find out the legal cost than land cost .
  9. Are you saying there is no money to be made with a farm? Have you ever owned a Cannabis Farm?
  10. It depends on a lot. Location, type of grow, how many plants you want to do, etc. You can expect to spend thousands starting up abd it gets cheaper from there. A good location is key, with privacy you don't have to worry too much, that will be very expensive depending on where you're at.

    You will need to stay out there, what I started with was a small trailer to stay in, then purchased the "house on wheel" anything you feel comfortable staying in will do.

    A water source, tanks, etc.

    A large fence or something of the sort to go around the property.

    A backhoe to get the large work done

    Everything really depends on the route you go, where you source your stuff

    Just some things I needed, this is not an a 100% accurate number but around 3,000 has been spent this year for everything, It took 17,00 and some change to get started in 2011.

    Those number could drastically change depending on so many factors. You want to start off spending as little as possible, first harvest you'll be rolling in the dough if successful. We are still in a grey area where banks, profits, you know not everything is being calculated :smoke: That's another thing, the banks will not do business with you if they find out its Cannabis related.

    My credit union dropped me after finding out deposits being made were from Cannabis. Fair warning.

    No, I think he's saying it's very expensive, arduous endeavor and you should really have the capital and know how before diving in. Or something along those lines, FYI plenty of farms up north end up abandoned, some with full flowering plants. You can run out of cash, lose your property, (property taxes), mess up the grow, a shop you were growing those pounds for decides they don't want them, now you got a whole crop molding with no where to sell it. Not everyone makes a profit the first time around. You really have to know what your doing, or no, no money will be made.
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    Im not saying that at all and no i havent.

    I do know that for the hours worked and the money that needs to be put into it its not an easy gig. Some smaller farmers (100 plants) are lucky to make min wag when ALL costings are done incl hrs worked. The low price is not helping and some large growers are looking at ways to increase profits due to the low price- like selling clones or tourism, etc.
    Running a profitable farm is expensive. Lights, fans, heaters, soil, nutes, labor, tractors, trucks, pumps, wells, dams, infrastructure, security, licensing, insureance etc etc. And then cause its illegal federally you have other costs and hassles.- like were do you put your cash?

    Some are wishing it went back to black market again.

    And just like any farm..a bad year is a bad year.

    If you havent grown before you may be surprised in the amount of work involved. Ive grown guerrilla for a lot of years and its time consuming, weather can wipe ya out.

    I dont mean to sound negative- just realistic. Id love to grow a legal hobby farm/ tourist venture like a cellar door for bud part time. (im semi retired and have the room but wouldn't want to work it full time) but im in an illegal country...

    I wish ya all the best of luck.

    Here is an idea of hrs and costs. Remember its just an idea/ research for ya.
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  13. I so want to start my own farm one day when my looks fade. Using the money I make on the side to build up to a supply farm for dispensaries. The advice I have gotten is to get a business degree. Small business to be exact. Sounds like you already know how to farm and with that you probably do not need a horticulture degree to do so.

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