What is a Flowering Clone?

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  1. Your reverting them back to veg. . so they can't stay in 12/12. . .
    Personally I goto 24/0 for about a week, then I cut back to 20/4, then 18/6. They can take a bit longer than you would expect to start growing again. But normally, when the plant I took the clones from finishes, the clones are ready to go to the flowering cab.
  2. I'd love to try this approach to cloning but I'm curious about one thing. If my flowering plants are in a simple soiless mix, what would you recommend I use as a medium for the new clones?
  3. Hey all. So I just want to get this straight. When your plant goes into flower, you move to a 12/12 like normal. 21 days in you take a clone (top cola?), and then treat it like a normal clone...and the mother stays on 12/12 flower. Is that about right?

    One other question...how bad does the clone smell from cloning until you start to flower? Is it like a normal clone or is it more...pungent... I only have one cab; and I DO NOT want to have a dank plant just chillin in my closet...
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    take the clone between two and three weeks into flower. put the clone in a humidity dome, if you want to use the dome. leave your mother to flower- wouldn't want to disturb her.

    it's not pungent, however it certainly has a presence that vegging clones do not. something like having a gram of g13 lying around somewhere. It can be detected from across your flat, if you are sensitive nose. all in all it is not too much of an issue.

    by the way... any one know why greenmonster714 has not posted since 2004?
  5. hello gm,

    Was wondering what method or group of methods were in place in the 3rd picture from your original post? Were those just an example of these bushy flowering clones growing through a screen, for support, basically trimmed down to the major colas?

    I read your other post about scrog and plan to use primarily your directions in an upcoming grow. However this 3rd picture here had me intrigued.
  6. took me two weeks before i saw roots. but it has been vegging for 2 weeks, ands it is massive now. node spacing is non existent. there is node stacked on top of node. the plant is only 5 inches, but the fan leaves are as big as a lotto ticket. im under 161w of mixed spectrum cfl in a 1.5 gallon pot
  7. Yo I have a question if a clone starts to flower with a few hairs and then is put back into vegg will there be any problems such as herm or will the plants just lag go into veg and be fine thanx!!!!!
  8. plant will lag.
    It wont hermi as its prepared to flower..
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    Super bushy
  10. super super bushy, and a small main stalk. many branches. makes for a great scrog. i have a blueberry flowering clone, and the main stalk is only 2 inches, at most. lst, FIM'ing, topping are all good methods for flowering clones. then again, it depends on your strain.
  11. This is a damn good thread! Just wish I found it about a week earlier :( Im about a month into flowering and would love to see if my bushy plant could get any bushier! Maybe next grow:eek:
  12. Now children let us play nice after-all LOL
  13. another bunch of spoiled schoolgirls........crybabys

  14. when i first started growing, i met greenmonster at a now closed forum called, "natures high." i copied a lot of his methods, and others. he grew pretty much exclusively in bubblers and a cabinet. i believe he had some trouble with a chick and just stopped posting at forums. the last one he was at was couchlock cafe. he still has some posts there about scrogs, updated stuff. you can go there and read his stuff.

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