What is a Flowering Clone?

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  1. Hey there, thanks for the response.. Another question though, will it produce root while in the 12hour cycle while going through flowering?
  2. The roots grow slower and leaving a clone that is showing a fair amount of pistils in 12/12 will probably reduce yield. The Op is right but the yield and health of flowered clones seems to be very strain dependent so it is best to try it with the strain you have and see how it works out. If it does work the results can be pretty good. If you are going to veg your plants for longer than 3-4 weeks there is probably no point doing this technique at all since the plant will most likely be fully back into a veg state and the benefits of the built up flowering hormones gone leaving only the disadvantage of slower rooting and a little bit of reduced vigor. If you are doing a short veg period depending on strain it can sometimes be worth it especially if they still root fast keep most of there vigor and go into flower quickly. This is not a technique that should be tried on large scale without knowing how the plant will react to it first. The only way to know how the plant will react is experiment but to play it safe veg for a week or two.
  3. thanks so much for the info, I think I may give it try.. Will letcha know how it turns out;)
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    Great post! I can't wait to try it in my ScrOG.
    One concern I have is;
    Will taking clones from a flowering plant not shock her and cause a possible decrease in growth and maybe even cause her to go hermie or decrease yield?
  6. hello greenmonster714 let me just start by thanking u in the first place on writing that very long but extreamley !!!!! helpfull, informative, and verry thurogh .... srry my spelling is terrible ...... all that being said after reading your columb on flowering clones it gave me hope for the 5 or so lil flowering girls in ....unfortunatly an aerogarden lol BUT ive always known there was possibilities to cloning and even further cloning from females already well into flowering BUT im a noob but so eger 2 learn lol so0o0o0o my few questions 2 all abvious knolage in the flowering clones department starts off as ok i got these girls a few from a couple cali indoor seeds gorwin in another room with a 400 hps ..( finally got some good equiptment) so i took some clone clippings from each of my other indoor growing plants a few weeks into there 12/12 flowering shortly b4 they are showing pistons and hairs and earley budd..... witch they all have not shown yet :/ but all deffinate femails just stunted from some stupid overpruning and just messed up light scheduals here n there nothing to to drastic i was praying nothing hermied but so far only 1 male n already been yanked ... but i digress and trail off .. srry blazed lol so i took these few flowering clones n pot them in my newley cleaned aero garden with only 2 working lights insted of 3 b cuz ive already used it for my first n pathetic grow season but i wont get into that my question is once ive put them in my aerogarden my onlth theory ive had 2 go off of 2 get them 2 root , clones as well as flowering clones but only done so once kind of by accident .. in my first grow season i had a full aero garden going with some pretty nice looking plants ill try to post later but soon after they were messed with n also did not get 2 yield hardly anything at all but b4 the grow ended during that time one of my friends took down his outdoor harvest earley n had 2 dry them in hour house :X lol right so b4 cliping n hanging and drying all his girls he snipted off a lower branch of his hedie plant n gave it to me 2 put in the aero garden n see wut happined ... well seeing i already had pretty much a full aero garden there was only 1 slot left for it n it didnt get almost any light at all but the aero garden puts constant water flow on the stem where it is clipted n the system comes with nutrients that regulate the o2 or w/e .... like i said im a noob but thing happined was that it did end up starting 2 take root but it never grew much bigger b cuz i didnt transplant it and give it its own light and light schedual with proper care but this time areound i wanna try n b prepared b cuz here is the best part .. i am trying 2 get the 3 or so clones im telling u i have now to root in the areo garden and then transplant them into pots and put them under the hps 4oo w 12 12 n bam!!!!! hopefully have some them donky dick colis every 1 talkin bout b cuz all that SOG and screen stuff you and that opther guy do as amazing and awesome as it is is a lil to much for me lol i cant even wrap my mind on that so as i say it gets better i also have 3 already flowering about 3 or mab 4 weeks from harvest ak-47 auto flowering and im trying to get them 2 root as well so any advise u could give givvin what ive told you would be greatley opretiated and the sooner the better because there has been some yellowing in the lower leaves on just bout all them but there still pretty decently healthy but i dont know how much longer they will last withought a more perminant setup 2 get them 2 root properly and them transplant them ... i got them in that aero garden on 24 hourlight witch also keeps constant watter flow over each of the stems of the clones at the clipping and ive been doing the small nutrient the aero garden comes with 1 time a week just 2 try and keep them in oxogyn because i think that alot of what that nutrient it somes with does but on top that there kinda getting old cuz i got the stupid thing last year lol delux edition extends 2 ft ! lol woopty fuckin do lol but i also have this rooting hormone powder my friend gave me from his dad who grows n i kinda want to put some in the water n c it that wont go over the stem of the plant and help premote the root groth faster .... but i really just lookin for any and all info u can offer ied b eternally greatfull by thje way ur clones look unbelivable all them identical tal colas with them stringy stems all goin up to the screen ur a genious lol ppl callin me a mad scientist around my house for trying wut im trying but i know it can be done ... by the by wut strain was that if u dont mind me askin ? ok well thakx again for any and all help peace n chickin greese
  7. ^Hey, Mr. Wall O' Text, please separate that into paragraphs so we can read it. I'm too high to have to keep finding my place.

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  8. Anyone?
  9. very interesting thread.

    So to see if i've understood this right - if you take a flowering clone, it essentially makes the side branches (or whatever branch you've cloned) turn into it's own kind of cola? It looks the clones didn't replicate the entire plant by having their own branches - the branch just grew massive?

    And the mother plant - as she is in flowering mode, she does not grow the branches back as a regular mother kept in the vege state?

    So in that sense, the technique basically removes the branches from the plant, so each branch can grow a better yield on it's own without being attached to the mother, i assume by having it's own root system?

    And what would you place the clones in to root - i'm thinking a larger type of propogator?

  10. im curious about this too, only instead of taking clones from a flowering clone, what if i put the mother back into veg growth and continued taking clones. would the clones still react this way?
    i flowerd my plants. and durring the first signs of sex i took clones. i then put the mother and the clones into flowering.
    if i were to take clones from this mother plant that has already had a glimms of flowering would it still produce branchy plants.

    the mother is VERY branchy now.... and the clones are too...

    so basicly its the same question. if you take a plant from flowering to veging and then take a clone from that plant will the clones react the same way as from a flowering mother:hello:


    i too stumbled across this on accident. and with amazing results. i am actually a bit overwhelmed with the amount of branches and leaves i have on each plant. i have had to cut back the mother 4 times already in 3 months to keep her healthy and not over crowded with branches and leaves!!!
  11. these are my flowering clones
    3 weeks into soil stunted growth due to ph issue and bad soil

    recovered and doubled in size with in 3 days
  12. Nice looking plants.
    Hey 87RX7Chick
    I think I may know you is your rx7 a vert?
    PM me
  13. Sweet flowering clones :) I have a Scrog thats into day 20something of flower so will take a few clones, root them then chuck them outside and see what happens.
  14. wowsers. thank you very much for this information! i was going to do a low scale 5 big plant grow. and now, as an added bonus, i'll be able to probably multiply my yield with a quick little Sea Of Green Towards the end! i am most grateful, and i love what you're doing!
  15. wow just wakin this beast up huh?
  16. Hey thanks man, I learned a ton of cool stuff from you on the great subject of growing pot man. I made some home made DWC from wallmat tubes and used a submergable water pump to recirculate the water and put an air pump with an air stone to make a recirculating DWC bubbler. I have done a dozen grows with this hydro set up working out the needed upgrades as I keep growing. I really dig the small gravel medium you use, I will use it in my next grow, I have been using hydroton for a couple of years now and have put 20 yards of p gravel in my drive way not even thinking of using it as a grow medium. The pictures you took of your grows gave me some cool ideas on how to add to my hydro system as a complete seed to bud unit. I After I read your article I put it together, Now I can take the growing seedlings and put them in net pots with medium suspended in tyrek foam board fit on top of the DWC bubbler tubs and veg them. DWC are the ultamate man, it only takes two weeks to grow the girls to 12'' and I can take the net pots with the plant and put them in the 4x4 hydro tray with tyrex fitted on top with the same net pot holes with out any transplanting problems. I saw that you are using somthing simular to tyrex in your pictures and barrowed you idea, Your allright man. The 4x4 budin tray is a constant flowing eb and flow hydro bubbler with a 40 gal nutreint resavor. The plants are like on super steriods or something man, using your scrog method and then a sog looking canopy with ppm below 1000 and PH at 5.5 to 5.9, I flower the things until I see amber in the trycomes for 6 weeks now with awsome yields. Me and my wife thank you my brother from an other.
  17. There are many different hydroponic systems, from ebb and flood to top-drip, aeroponics and more. You may choose from a variety of methods. To begin we recommend getting a complete grow cabinet hydroponic system.
  18. Nice thread...I also figured this out by accident but this thread confirms my belief that flowering clones bush out!
  19. I've used flowering clone method for the past 3 yrs. . .absolutely love it! Perfect for my perpetual grow. Great thread!

    Be Safe
  20. hey monster got a ?...when taking clone 21 days in, do they go to a 24 hour light period or continue a 12/12.. if going back to veg how long?

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