what is a fair price?

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  1. i want to buy my buddies broken bong off of him for cheap what do you think is a good price? its a 45cm tall beaker bong 3.2 thick with a inline dome perc, but the problem with it is there is a hole on the beaker about the size of a pistachio my local headshop said it would be $40 to fix it but it also needs a downstem and a bowl. what should i offer?(im thinking $50) he bought it for $140 about a year ago, all it just needs some love!
    I already own a good bong but i thought if i could get it cheap and fix it easy it would be sick to have two so we could cheers tokes
  2. I'd like to think one of my boys would give it to me lmao, but nevertheless...

    It's a used bong, so right away it's worth atleast 20 bucks less than what he paid.

    $40 for the fix.
    $20 for Downstem. (Local price for generic slitted/HiSi)
    $20 for Slide. (Grav Ice-pinch type deal)

    You're already up to $90

    I'd offer $20.....

    Do what you feels right mane.

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