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What is a dab?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Macmedical, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. What is a dab? Also what is in it and how do you make it? Is it safer than a bong or joint?
  2. A dab is a dab of hash. Hash is the compressed form of the resin found on cannabis. It comes in different forms, and when it comes in the gooey form, you can stick it on the end of a pole type thing, and dab it on a nail, through a bong.

    Much more potent as it's pure resin, but not enough studies are being done to know how healthy they are. They do fuck your lungs up if you take big dabs. Like this - [ame][/ame]
  3. a dab around here also means dabbing ur finger in a bag of unmentionables and putting it on ur tounge lol

  4. bad ass video
  5. My god, knowing how much a .1 dab fucks me up that practically scares me to watch. That dude was high as a motherfucker after that shit, no denying that. :D
  6. looool that was crazy as fuck
  7. Since you don't know what a dab is, it's safe to say you don't need to be looking for wax lol. I've been toking three years and I have yet to dab. It's just a fad. Dabs literally became a thing in the last like, two or three years. Hash is as far as you need to go with concentrates in my book, add some to your bud and you're golden browned for hours. People who smoke dabs are spending hundreds a month on cannabis products; their tolerance is so high that they need dabs to still get high.
  8. I don't think it's a fad and I don't think it's gonna go away. I believe the reason that dabs have only recently come around is because the Internet and legalized/decriminalized/medical weed wasn't around back in the day. Now with a wealth of knowledge new forms of smoking are coming around out of nowhere. Hell in the 70's everyone was smokin j's and blunts. I'm sure when bongs came around people said "there's no need to be that high, it's just a fad". Now I'm not justifying the people that dab every day and spend hundreds on concentrates, but I don't think dabs are going away any time soon. If anything I think they will only get more popular. Personally I've never dabbed but I'm getting a rig soon because for the occasional time that I want to get stoned off my ass, I'd rather take 1 dab then smoke an entire gram or so.
  9. I mean, yeah, they probably wont go away. But it is taking on the form of a fad. All the major 'stoners' I know smoke dabs all the time now, and I just don't see the point in them unless for medical purposes. Yeah, I wana try it some time (the stoners I know are real stingy about it!) but if I never do, ain't complainin. I get well past where I wana be already once I break out the hash, why would I ever need something stronger than normal hash unless I had cancer or something?
    To be able to vape instead of burn and use less at a time and more efficiently get high?  :confused_2:
    Also because the taste is off the chain. As great as hash smoke tastes, vaped hash is a whole new world of flavor.
  11. I started taking the word dab literally and just started using a Dab of wax to get met faded. When I get more wax on the tip I have a Gob or chunk. A gob is a lot wax I have to pick up with a shovel wax tool. A chunk is any wax I break off a dry patty; Shatter shatters. 
    Doin dabs does not explain much. 

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