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what is a closed perc

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aspire5050, May 21, 2010.

  1. hey looking to increase my glass knowledge, so what is a closed arm perc and an open arm perc, how do they work differently, and whats your preference
  2. never heard of closed perc but a perculator basically breaks the smoke up so it cools faster

    like cubes of ice last longer in a glass of something warm than crushed? get it?
  3. The trees in closed arn't open they just have slits
    Open arms the trees are open and have slits.
  4. I recently bought a bong from a local campus headshop and it has a 10 arm tree percolator, but the strange thing I noticed was that the arms were closed in a rounded fashion which I had never seen before on any of my friend's pieces.

    After doing some research online here is what I've come to understand about closed vs open arm percolators:

    A percolators arms are left open at the bottoms when the glass blower is trying to reduce drag of the bong. If a bong had one 3 arm closed percolator with 3 Dcuts in each arm that would only be 9 total D cuts that all of the smoke you pull through the bong would have to go through. Because you are pulling the smoke through such a small amount of space there would be a lot of friction on the air flowing through the bong and thus a lot of drag making it difficult and unpleasant to hit.

    Now you may be asking what if Im deciding between a percolator with several closed arms vs one with fewer open arms? Depending on the number of arms, a closed tree perc with more arms may have equal or less drag than an open perc with fewer arms. Plus, a closed arm percolator ensures that all smoke that runs through it is diffused instead of escaping out the bottom.

    Because my bong's percolator has 10 arms there is little drag and it hits beautifully. Also, I noted that the arms of my percolator also have a D cut on the very tip of each arm, and Im not sure if this is standard with most closed percs.

    Anyways, that is what I have learned from some random threads and blogs on the internet - hope this helps!

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