what is a clone only strain???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Hydro201, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. i wanna try making some green crack by crossing skunk1 with sweet leaf afghany however its spelled... but i heard green crack is a clone only strain what does that mean? does it mean i cant just cross skunk1 with the afghanny plant? how would i make this?
  2. Clone only means it's a strain that's not available in seed form.
  3. well how would i cross the 2 plants to make it then?
  4. anyone know?
  5. you would need a male of one plant and a female of the other.
    i herd theres a way to trick you plants into going herm to produce feminized seeds you could try that with the clone only strain to get the seeds and order seeds of the other and hope for a male. never thot id say that. haha

    there a video on you tube by soma that tells you what to use ill try to find it again.
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLvg-HNHWRg]YouTube - Soma Grow Secrets[/ame]

    he says silver thiosulphate is the stuff you spray it with.
    hope this helps somas the man!

  7. Scrap that plan. Its not gonna be as easy as it sounds to recreate a strain like that. Best bet? Find a place (or someone) that can get you a clone of Green Crack and grow that.
  8. I am having a tough time getting my mind around this "clone only" concept. As I understand it, clone only is referred to as a pheno that can only be produce by many attempts growing, and when the desired traits emerge, a mother is created, and can not be reproduced from seed. It seems as though this breeding is done to make the best possible plant or desired traits. Can not this be said about all strains?
  9. No dude don't give up, Research that strain you want, and if both parent exsist buy em from a seedbank. Pick the 2 phenos that catch your eye and breed em... Might not be exactly what you had before but it should be damn close..... most important is picking through genetics
    O and clone only is what it sounds like.

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