What is a big yeilding potent strain

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  1. I new to growing I would like to experiment with a potent but big yeilding strain can any one give me good ideas it will be appreciated .
  2. Well, from what I heard Big Bud is really high yielding...
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    Hence the name...
  4. Omdogg and Smotpoking: how tall does it get and is it one that grows well inside with hydroponics? I'm still looking for a strain thats can be kept under 23 inches without problems arising. Hank
  5. Jorge Cervantes claims big bud genetics lack potency of other nearly equally yielding plants. Anything you get from a major breeder (if they claim indoor capable growing) will give you a good yield with respectable potency. In the 70's growers had to choose between high yield from big bud strains or high potency and resin production of haze strains. Thanks to genetics, a lot of these issues have been solved on a commercial level. Bad genetics do exist, but doing 5 minutes of research on a seed bank or strain that you think you might like will give you a good idea of what to expect when you grow it. Hope that helped.

    If you are looking for knockout potency, I hear medicine man from Mr. Nice is up there. Always good genetics from them as well.
  6. I had a friend who purposely heat stressed the roots of a northern lights sog. He was able to get most of them to dwarf and after flowering the tallest was about 17 inches and the shortest was about 7. The potecy wasn't terribly effected but the yield was what you would expect from a 17 inch plant.
  7. WACAregiver: thanks for the info. Does your friend sell seeds? I'll probably be a customer if he does. A friend of mine jokingly says, "I want my cake and eat it too." What I really want is a midget strain I can use in my Aerogarden that kicks ass when my arthritis, legs, back and neck flare up all at the same time. I can handle them one at a time but when they all gang up on me simultaneously it's really a bitch.

    The junk weed I grow oddly does the job but I've got a hunch that where ever it came from it grew a lot taller than my 23" height limit in my Aerogarden. I start tying off and bending the terminal buds at that height to keep them out of the lights. I tie them off with 4 lb. trout line and I weigh them down with crimp on fishing weights. It works, it just looks like hell.

    I'd sure like to find that damned miniature Christmas tree full of buds I saw the photo of last year on a torn out page from a magazine. Of course with my luck it's probably like mom and dad's bum weed from the sixties. I'm going to research the 'mango strain SeeMoreBuds uses in his book, "MARIJUANA BUDS FOR LESS." If the scale is correct in his photos it might work. I ordered HIGH TIMES book on seeds and it looks like I'll be doing some serious research.

    To continue using my own seeds I may be forced to do some creative pruning to achieve the end result. I just don't like to stress my babies anymore than is absolutely necessary. I realize I might be looking for a chicken with teeth but I'll keep trying. Thanks again for your input and please don't be reluctant to comment on my crazy ideas, Hank
  8. can i make a sugestion ????
  9. jack herer , white russian, the black, are very good yielder and they have a very good buzzzz!!
  10. Dr big plant: By all means, please do, make suggestions or criticisms when ever you feel they're necessary. On the new strains I'm a KN, (Know nothing). I added: the Herer, white Russian and the black to my list to investigate. Thank you, Hank
  11. Where should I get the black frm wat seed company n also white Russian
  12. The dwarfism cause by stress isn't on a genetic level so sadly, you can't bread mini plants that way. It was an experiment to see if it would be a viable and even though it sort of worked, it was very inconsistent.
  13. WACaregiver: Thanks, I think you're right. Curiously, I have dwarfed citrus trees to keep them potted for ten years and still bear fruit and that requires removal of the lower third of the root ball about every four or five years and keeping the top foliage down to about the same size as the big fiberglass pots I got them in from Sam's Club. Paul James on Gardening By the Yard had a guest who did a spot on how to do it and I thought, what the hell, it worked on my citrus trees so I tried it on my ladies. It didn't have the effect I'd hoped for but it did slow down their growth a lot. Being as resilient as they are, they recovered but it put them about six weeks behind schedule. Hank
  14. hi rudeboi357 !!

    juste go to single seed center for the white russian.

    for the black go to bc bud depot ( this strain is a canabis cup winner)

    keep it growing
  15. Thanks man I appreciate ur advice n I will most def look into it .
  16. Also Dr. I saw that grape ape grown outdoors will produce 4 - 5 lbs if grown in good environment ( sunlight ) etc. Is this true?
  17. @Hank

    Close, but we are talking about 2 different things. What you are talking about is making a "bonsai mom" by pruning about a 3rd of the roots to keep a stout, healthy, bushy plant with minimal space required for grow medium and roots.

    What I'm talking about is dwarfism caused mostly by heat stress on roots. It is common with outdoor grows where above ground pots are used due to direct sunlight warming the pot. Think of it like forcing a plant to turn herm, but instead of the plant re-sexing it stops almost all vertical growth.

    I still don't recommend doing on purpose for any other reason than experimentation. Where we didn't experience a hermie, I imagine they would pop up on a regular basis if you tried doing this often. It would be cool to see a more capable grower than myself with better resources do some experimenting with dwarfing plants. I only have room for a certain number of plants and need them all, lol.
  18. yes, many strain can give big yeald.but the ferttilizers are very importent.

    and the soil too is verry importent

    keep it growing
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    Very true, nutes will have a lot to do with yield as well as light. I do just fine with a basic 3 part and a 4-5 week bloom booster (I use humboldt ginormous).
  20. I've heard only but good things from Mr Nice's Critical Mass, they are very good breeders too.


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