What is a 3/4 OZ called?

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Always hear about halves,quarters, and eigths, but what if you wanted 3/4 oz?

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    three quarters
    usually prices get dropped every double of an amount or so, so that is why you do not pick up by the 21 gs most of the time
  3. 21 grams. i dunno it's just an odd amount. wouldn't you just get on Oz?
  4. 1 half n a half
  5. i call it
    but that's just local slang
  6. a Ladanian Tomlinson
  7. In math during elementary school, I used to play the finger game, have competitions of throwing stuff while the teacher looked away, and sassed the girls.
    In math during middle school, I used to text.
    And in high school...well, I'll keep this thread PG rated, so we'll leave it at that.
    So I really can't help you my man. 
    Personally I would just call 3/4 "not enough." Really rolls off the tongue. 
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    A half and a quarter or twenty one grams.

    I am calling it now that there is some fucking name for this in England. I used to go in those UK threads to learn slang, but it's always just people arguing how many "grammes" are in a "johnny."
    Lmao, say this first just to get a reaction.
  9. I ask for a drinking age

    Mobile reppin
  10. I call 3/4 oz "Why you gotta be difficult, just get the half or whole"
    It's a bit wordy, but luckily I don't have to say it often.  ;)
  11. Im not actually planning on buying 3/4, but it seems like it would be more common, no?
  12. I'm just messin with ya. I honestly can't recall ever hearing of someone requesting that amount. I know I've never tried to get that amount. I think this gives you free range to call it whatever you want. From now on we shall all refer to 3/4 oz as……(drum roll)
  13. lol, I always just say a half and a quarter.
    what if a dude was like, "can I get a third?"
    a 1/3 is 9.33 grams
  15. if i ever bought such a ridiculous amount because i was short for an ounce, id call 3/4, "three quarters of an O"Sent from my iPhone.

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